Volatile Records VCD002 Departures

Derek Bailey/Vertrek Ensemble

Derek Bailey, electric and acoustic guitars; Ron de Jong, drums, cymbals, percussion; Vadim Budman, electric and acoustic guitars, cornet, reed cornet.

  1. Moving part of a motion, a discovery (10.46)
  2. More night, more days, more clouds, more worlds (08.37)
  3. The flesh, the bone, the dirt, the stone (07.32)
  4. Canadians in East Penge? (07.43)
  5. The steeples of his city clanked and sprang (08.20)
  6. Waving adieu, adieu, adieu (07.02)
  7. Stockwell suite: solitaria de jong; solitaria budman; solitaria bailey; solitaria de jong 2; trumpets of Brixton (11.54)
All titles except 4 and 7 from the poetry of Wallace Stevens.

Recorded at Moat Studios, London on 13 May 1998.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Kelly de Jong.

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