Volatile Records VCD003 Dimsum, dodgers and dangerous nights

Eugene Chadbourne/Vertrek Ensemble

Eugene Chadbourne, guitar, banjo, vocals; Ron de Jong, drums, cymbals, percussion; Vadim Budman, electric and acoustic guitars, trumpet, cornet, reed cornet, wooden flute, harmonica.

  1. If I were a bell/Variations on a theme by Holst (or Mahler?) (32.49)
  2. I challenge you to an Epiphone duo (13.55)
  3. Death lives down in that bayou (18.59)
  4. My mother's eyes (06.10)
Recorded at The Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, AB, on 11/12 March 2000.

Graphic design and cover art (front cover reproduced above) by Terri Rodriguez.

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