Winter & Winter 910 059-2 Playback play: news from the music fair; radio piece

Mauricio Kagel

Ensemble MusikFabrik NRW [Nándor Götz, clarinet, soprano and alto saxophones; Alban Wesly, bassoon; Jan Babinec, horn; Bruce Collings, trombone; Melvyn Poore, tuba; Thomas Oesterdiekhoff, marimbaphone, vibraphone, drums; Seth Josel, guitar, mandolin, banjo; Paulo Alvares, piano; Geoffrey Wharton, voilin; Heinrich Schkrobol, acoustic bass; Mauricio Kagel, keyboards, conductor, voice.

  1. Playback play (40.58)
Production: WDR, Cologne, Germany Studio Akustische Kunst, 20 January through 18 April 1997.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) [architecture of the fair pavillion in Frankfurt 1980-1997] by O. M. Ungers.

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