Winter & Winter 910 107-2 Der Kastanienball: the fall of Lucrezia Borgia

Wolfram Berger, story teller (as Nicolo Machiavelli); Jean-Louis Costes, vocals, piano (as Alexander VI); Cristina Zavalloni, vocals (as Giula la Bella); Sabrina Khalil, vocals (as Lucrezia Borgia); Jim Thirwell, theremin, electronics (as Cesare Borgia); Sadiq Bey, voice (as Girolamo Savonarola); Theo Bleckmann, vocals (as Martin Luther); Noël Akchoté, musical director, guitar; Steve Beresford, hammond organ, electronics, pocket trumpet; Lorenzo Ghielmi, church organ; Alan 'Gunga' Purves, drums, percussion, tubes; Ernst Reijseger, cello, percussion, voice; Herb Robertson, trumpet; Fumio Yasuda, piano, melodica, Il Suonar Parlante, gamba quartet.

    CD I
  1. Das Vorspiel [The prologue]
  2. Am Morgen [In the morning]
  3. Die Schändung der Jungfrau [The rape of the virgin]
  4. CD II
  5. Der Gottesdienst [The divine service]
  6. Der gefallene Engel [The fallen angel]
  7. Die Todesstrafe [The death penalty]
  8. Die Ballnacht [The night at the ball]
Recorded at Prinzregentetheater, München, Germany on 27/29 July 2004.

Front cover reproduced above; photographer Jürgen Lorenz; layout and design by Günter Mattei.

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