X-OR CD 010 Works

Paul Termos

  1. 1991 [1991] (17.14) performed by Ensemble LOOS [Peter van Bergen, tenor saxophone; Gerard Bouwhuis, piano; Johan Faber, percussion] and recorded on 21 September 1999 at Studio 44, Monster
  2. Vocalise X [1993] (20.11) performed by Margo Rens, soprano voice; Marieken Zandvliet, piano and recorded on 10 February 1993 at Hilversum
  3. Vuoto Ossesso [1989] (11.19) performed by Walter van Hauwe, recorder and recorded on 25 April 1993 at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
  4. Blues for Marcel W. [1997] (08.21) performed by Pauline Post, piano and recorded on 10 May 1999 at Vredenburg, Utrecht
  5. Fortuna [1986] (12.13) performed by Ernestine Stoop, harp; Carla Meijers, flute; Mary O'Reilly, violin; Jaap Blonk, cello and the Omroep Kamer Koor conducted by Robin Gritton; recorded on 6 November 1987 at Vredenburg, Utrecht
Cover design (reproduced above) by Henry van Kleeff.
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