X-OR CD 05 Metslawier

Luc Houtkamp/Johannes Bauer/Carl Beukman/Gert Jan Prins

Luc Houtkamp, alto and tenor saxophones; Johannes Bauer, trombone; Carl G. Beukman, bass; Gert Jan Prins, percussion.

Metslawier I (03.02), Metslawier II (03.58), Metslawier III (22.20), Who the hell is Bob Zieff? (05.16), Metslawier IV (12.35), Metslawier V (04.02).

Recorded and mixed at Sing-Sing Studios, Metslawier, The Netherlands, 5/6 September 1994.

Front cover design and photography (reproduced above) by Henry van Kleeff.

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