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Derek Bailey on video

On the edge

A series of four 55 minute films shown on Channel 4 TV in the UK in early 1992. To say this was the best and most intelligent analysis of improvisation to be screened on UK television is probably unnecessary: it has in all likelihood been the only televised programme on this form of music-making. Written and narrated by Derek Bailey, produced and directed by Jeremy Marr, it developed out of the first edition of Bailey's book on improvisation (the broadcast almost coinciding with the publication of the second edition) and attempted to provide a world-view of the subject, not being bound by country, musical genre or preconception. The four programmes were:

Grey suit 4

Grey suit is a video arts magazine issued quarterly, edited on highband and distributed on VHS in all standard international broadcast systems (PAL, NTSC, SECAM). It features writers, artists, film-makers and performers as well as work by artists and composers; contributions can be in any language. Twelve issues of Grey suit were published up to the end of1995; there is currently a hiatus but most back copies are available from 21 Augusta Street, Adamstown, Cardiff CF2 1EN, Wales; tel and fax: +44 (0) 122 248 9565. Subscription rate 60 pa; individual copies 21.

Grey suit 4, published in Winter 1993, featured a 5 minute video on Derek Bailey, 'the renowned guitarist, pioneer of free improvisation', concentrating on close up hand movements of, alternately, right and left hands. Filmed outdoors. Derek Bailey's music is also featured over the closing credits of the whole of this issue of Grey suit.


The first Incus video, a duo performance between Derek Bailey and tap dancer Will Gaines, filmed in Derby, June 1995. For full details, see the separate page on Incus VD01.

Video samples from Will include:


The second Incus video featuring a concert in Japan between Derek Bailey and the Butoh dancer Min Tanaka, filmed in Hakushu, Japan in August 1993.

Company in Japan

The third Incus video: a Company concert from August 1993 in Hakushu, Japan featuring: Derek Bailey; Motoharu Yoshizawa; Shonosuki Okura; Koichi Makigami; Sachiko Nagata; Kenichi Takeda; Wataru Okuma; Kazue Sawai; Yukihiro Isso; and Keizo Inoue.


The fourth Incus video, a pub gig of a duo performance of Derek Bailey and John Stevens, filmed in London, in August 1992. Full details are available here, and there are two video clips, of John Stevens rather than Derek Bailey.

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