Martin Blume

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Photograph copyright Rainer Leigraf.

Drums, percussion.

Has worked since 1983 as a performer and composer with several musicians and in different musical situations, both as a collaborator and in leading his own groups including musicians like Peter Brötzmann, Peter Kowald, Helmut Joe Sasche, Luc Houtkamp, Johannes Bauer, Marcio Mattos, Jay Oliver, Phil Minton, Melvyn Poore, Lol Coxhill, John Butcher, Georg Graewe, Frank Gratkowski, Hans Schneider, Jeffrey Morgan, Werner Ludi, Earl Howard, Richard Teitelbaum, Phil Wachsmann, Sebi Tramontana and others. Has also worked with contemporary dancers like Cheryl Banks

His own projects include Lines with Axel Dörner, Jim Denley, Phil Wachsmann and Marcio Mattos; FOURinONE with Luc Houtkamp, Johannes Bauer and Dieter Manderscheida; Axon with Phil Minton and Marcio Mattos; "manufacts" with Georg Graewe, "2nd outlet" with Luc Houtkamp and Cor Fuhler, and a duo with Phil Wachsmann and Xu Feng Xia.


1991, Live in Bremen, AufRuhr ART CD 001. With Johannes Bauer/H.P.Hiby/Marcio Mattos.
1992, Spellings, RA001.
1993, Perceptions, RA008.
1994, Spellings, Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf. Frisque Concordance track on compilation CD.
1995/1996, Lines, Random Acoustics RA022.
1996, Kickin' the gong around, X-OR FR7. Duo with Luc Houtkamp.
1999, Stelen, Random Acoustics RA026. FOURinONE.
2000, Lines in Australia, Emanem 4075. Lines.
2002, Dear Peter, Improjazz PRGT 001. Mario Schiano/Xu Fengxia/Martin Blume.
2003, The thirteen bar blues, X-OR CD017. One track with Houtkamp's pow3.
2003, Zero plus, Balance Point Acoustics bpa007. Aurora Josephson/Philipp Wachsmann/Jacob Lindsay/Damon Smith/Martin Blume.
2002-2003, Burnt sienna, Nuscope Recordings 1015. Houtkamp/Fuhler/Blume.
2003, Mount Washington, REIFY Recordings RE001.
2003, Pacific 2003, Bead CD07SP. Philipp Wachsmann/Martin Blume duo.
2003, #40 Vienna & #41 Bernbeuren, 2003, X-OR FR13. FOURinONE.
2004, Constant comments, FMR CD156-i1204. Axon.
2004, Sperrgut, Balance Point Acoustics bpa009. Birgit Ulher/Damon Smith/Martin Blume.
2004, Cruxes, Balance Point Acoustics bpa010. Aurora Josephson/Joëlle Léandre/Damon Smith/Martin Blume.
2005, November Music 2004, November Music NM 008. One POW Ensemble/FOURinONE track on compilation CD.
2005, Birdsong from inside the egg, X-OR CD019. POW Ensemble.
2007, Caetitu, Emanem 4149. Martin Blume/Yedo Gibson/Marcio Mattos/Veryan Weston.
2008, Backchats, Creative Sources CS149. Speak Easy.
2008, Speak Easy, Panrec PANDVD02P. A film by Pavel Borodin.
2008/9, Songs from Aipotu, Leo Records CD LR 599. Shift.
2009, Unlimited 23, Panrec PANDVD04P. A film by Pavel Borodin; includes performance by Speak Easy.
2010, In just, Red Toucan 9341P. DuH.
2011, QUAT: live at Hasselt, NoBusiness Records NBCD54. Vandeweyer/Van Hove/Lovens/Blume.
2014, Encounters, Leo Records LR 716. Luc Houtkamp/Simon Nabatov/Martin Blume.

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