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Photograph of Erhard Hirt in concert during Free Music XXII organised by WIM in Antwerp, 5 August 1995 copyright Raymond Mallentjer.

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Born 1951, guitar, guitar synthesizer.

Erhard Hirt started playing blues guitar when he was 16 and for the next ten years played with jazz-oriented groups, experimental rock bands, a free jazz combo (Jazzcomunity, in Leverkusen/ Köln), and toured with blues bands (Delta Blues Band and the Matt Walsh Bluesband). In 1978 he performed his first improvised solo concerts, following this with his own group including players such as Martin Theurer, Hans Schneider, Thorsten Müller, Pinguin Moschner, and Wolfgang Fuchs. In 1980 he organised the first Workshop Freie Musik in Münster.

In 1981 Hirt formed the String Quintet with Anne Le Baron (harp), Candice Natvig (violin), Thorsten Müller (cello) and Hans Schneider (bass) and the following year recorded his first solo guitar record as well as working in and recording with the Quartet, XPact: Wolfgang Fuchs, Hans Schneider and Paul Lytton, and a trio with Radu Malfatti and Schneider. He founded the King Übü Orchestrü in 1984 along with Wolfgang Fuchs, March Charig, Guido Mazzon, Radu Malfatti, Phil Wachsmann, Alfred Zimmerlin, and others, and performed in a trio with Phil Minton and Willi Kellers.

Hirt has appeared at most of the usual free music and jazz festivals - Moers, the Total Music Meeting in Berlin, Musique Action in Vandoeuvre, Free Music in Antwerp - as well as some less common ones, in particular being a regular performer at the Humannoise Congress based in Wiesbaden since 1987. He has also organised a series of 'Guitar Projects' featuring, Guitar Project I (1987): Derek Bailey, Stephan Witwer and Burkhart Rogalla; Guitar Project II (1988): Davey Williams, John Russel, Uwe Kropinski and Joe Sachse; Guitar Project III (1989): Mike Cooper, Kalle Laar, and Lothar Fiedler; Guitar Project IV (1990): Eugene Chadbourne, Valery Dudkin and Reinbert Evers; Guitar Project V (1992): Hans Reichel, Jean Marc Montera and Frank Rühl; Guitar Project VI (1993): Dave Draper, Michael Kolberg and Udo Herbst.

In addition to the above groupings, he has played in duo with Lol Coxhill (1987) [and also in 1991 at Jazzfestival Münster], a trio with Phil Minton and Roger Turner (1986) and, since 1991, has been playing in a trio with Phil Minton and John Butcher. Since 1994 he has been involved with 'Film Projects' with Martin Cihak and Martin Klapper and Martin Theurer. In November 1995 he substituted for Derek Bailey during the Company performances in Vancouver, Canada. He visited the UK briefly in 1996 to play at the LMC's Fifth Festival of Experimental Music and to play a concert in Sheffield.

Further information

Brand, Jens (1996), Erhard Hirt. The improvisor, vol. XI, pp. 96-97.


1982, Gitarre solo: Zwischen den pausen, Uhlklang UK 2.
1983, Frogman's view, Uhlklang UK 5. Xpact: Wolfgang Fuchs, Erhard Hirt, Hans Schneider, Paul Lytton.
1984, Music is music is..., Uhlklang UK-6 (FMP subsid).
1991/1993, Guitar solo: Gute und schlechte Zeiten, FMP OWN-9003.
1992, HumaNoise Congress '92, Hybrid HMP CD 4.
1993, Apollo and Marsyas, Apollo Records ACD 090217/8. Trio track of Butcher/Minton/Hirt on compilation CD.
1994, Transparent messenger, Hermit Foundation, Plasy CZ.
1995, Two concerts, FMP OWN 90006. Minton Butcher Hirt.
1996/1998, Acoustics, NUR/NICHT/NUR 196 12 16. Solo.
1996, 25.5.1996, NUR/NICHT/NUR 100 01 15. Solo.
1997, Linguafonie 3, Linguafonie 3. Large-scale improvising group.
1998, Zwei + zwei sind drei 2. Konzert, Happy Few Records hf CD 3.
1999, Trinidad, Happy Few Records HF8. Hirt/Theurer/Lehn.
2000?, SoloSchichten, NUR/NICHT/NUR 1000317. Achtmal.1.
2000, Musical Corr≡la(c)tivity, combined Book/CD. Solo Hirt on one track.

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