Jean-Marc Montera

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Guitars, objects, tapes.

Jean-Marc Montera was co-founder of the GRIM (Groupe of Search and Musical Improvisation) in 1978. Has works in a wide variety of situations: solo, in groups of different sizes – in both situations appearing at many festivals – and particularly in association with artists from other backgrounds: with dance companies; composing and creating music for film and theatre; and working with graphics scores.

His work for films includes:

Jean-Marc Montera's working groups include F.D.T.C., a quintet formed in 1993 with Edmond Hosdikian (sax), Fred Giuliani (Sampler), J.M. Bourroux (drums) and Makoto Yabuki (bamboo percussion, flutes); Attila with Jim Meneses, percussion, and Gianni Gebbia, saxophones; and a duo with Dominique Regef (hurdy gurdy). His work with Fred Frith has included the rock opera Helter skelter by Frith and Francois-Michel Pesenti as well as on Frith's graphic composition Score; and he has worked on graphic score projects with David Moss as well as working in Moss' quartet with Pascal Gobin, guitars and Jacques Mangelbrojt, painting.

He has played in diverse festivals with, amongst other: André Jaume, Raymond Boni, Marc Dresser, Michel Doneda, Joëlle Léandre, Yves Robert, Mario Schiano, Floros Floridis, Paul Lovens, Erhard Hirt, Ernst REIJSEGER, Kenny Wheeler, Peter Kowald, Barre PHILLIPS, Han Bennink, India Cook, Maarten Altena, Fred Frith, ROVA SAXOPHONE QUARTET, Hans Reichel, Keith Rowe,Chris Cutler, Gianni Gebbia.



As well as the sound recordings, a video is available, çà part de là featuring Jean-Marc Montera in concert in different situations: with GRIM; solo at the FMP festival; in duo with Keith Rowe and (very briefly) in duo with Paul Lovens.

Anna S. et autres histoires - GRIM Musiques 1
Incontru : André JAUME Quartet et Tavagna - NATO
Elogio dell'ombra : Thierry Maucci - GRIM Musiques 4
1989, Piazza di Luna, CELP. With the TAVAGNA Group, André Jaume and Rémi Charmasson.
1990, Unlike, SPLASC(H) CD H 309.
1990, Naxos, Celp. Barre PHILIPS, Claudia PHILIPS, Hervé Bourde.
1991, Song tong, Splasc(h) records CDH 460.2. Paolo Daminani Ensemble.
1992, HumaNoise congress, Hybrid HMP CD4.
1992, Broken shadow, Vand'Oeuvre 9304. One track on compilation CD with Floros Floridis and Paul Lovens.
1994, Transkei : Christine Wodraska Quartet.
Helter skelter, RecDeC 40- music: Fred Frith/text: FM PESENTI.
1993, The arrow of time, Ano Kato Record 2005. Floros Floridis; one track a trio with J-MM & Paul Lovens.
1993/94, Hang around shout, FMP CD71.
1994, Stone, brick, glass, wood, wire, IDA 014. With Fred Frith large group.
1995, Bits and pieces, FMP OWN 90004. Two duos with Wolfgang FUCHS.
1996, Terra arsa, More Music-Momus 004. Gianni GEBBIA-Miriam PALMA- Vottorio VILLA.
1997, Improvvisazioni Quartetto, ADA 03.11. Mike Cooper/Jean-Marc Montera/Mauro Orselli/Eugenio Sanna.
1998, Smiles from Jupiter, GROB 001. Solo.
1998, Trigger zone, FMP CD117. King Übü Örchestrü.
1999, Not, Victocd068. Michel Doneda/Eric M/Jean-Marc Montera
2000, State of the Union 2.001, EMF CD 028. Short solo track on compilation 3CD set.
2003, Roman, FMP CD127. Louis Sclavis/Jean-Marc Montera.

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