Günter Müller

Günter Müller's own site at http://www.home.datacomm.ch/g.mueller/mueller.htm is also available
And, the Poire_z site is at http://www.for4ears.com/poire_z/welcome.html

Photograph copyright Yuko Zama.

Born München, Germany, 1954; drums and electronics.

Though born in Germany, Günter Müller has lived in Switzerland since 1966. From 1981 he has been playing a unique drum set with a mobile pick-up and microphone system of his own invention which allows hand-generated sounds on drums and percussion to be modulated electronically. Since 1998 minidiscs, and since 2002 an ipod, have been included in his electronic set. Nowadays he often plays ipod and electronics only.

Müller was a founding member of the trio Nachtluft, with Andres Bosshard and Jacques Widmer, a group that have created sound-installations and sound-architecture, and of the electronic quartet POIRE_Z with Erik M and Voice Crack. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts: solo; in ad-hoc groupings; and often in duo with, among others, Taku Sugimoto, Jason Kahn, Steinbrüchel, Norbert Möslang, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tomas Korber, Lê Quan Ninh, Keith Rowe, Erikm, Carlos Zingaro, Sachiko M, Michel Doneda and Fabrice Charles.

Günter Müller runs the record label For 4 Ears.

e-mail: g.mueller@eblcom.ch.


1985, Planet Oeuf, XOPF Rec 01.
1986, 26 C 4 Kombination, Unit UTR 4020/4021. Double sampler LP with Müller featured in a number of combinations.
1986, Belle-view, Unit LP UTR 4022/UMS/ALP208CD. Nachtluft.
1987, Plan Eden, Creative Works CW 1008. With Alfred Harth, Phil Minton, Hans Anliker, Andreas Bosshart.
1988/1989, Twice twins, Unit UTR 4032. Nachtluft.
1987, Captured music, Selektion LP. Nachtluft.
1989, Zeitzeichen, For 4 Ears CD 101.
1989, Jiken to Kuukan, For 4 Ears CD 103. Nachtluft.
1990, Cassures and inserts, For 4 Ears CD 102. Monsieur Jean Sextett.
1990, Klangbrücke Bern: selected soundscape no. 1, For 4 Ears CD 305.
1991, Testament, RRRecords. Nachtluft single.
1991, Instant collusion, For 4 Ears CD 307.
1991, Telefonia - a transatlantic performance: selected soundscape no. 2, For 4 Ears CD 408.
1992, 10 WIM PERN, Unit UTR 4047. Two tracks with Zentraldampf.
1992, Conduction 22: Documenta: gloves & mitts, New World 80481.
1992/1993, Live, For 4 Ears CD 513. Duo with Christian Marclay.
1993, Half a lifetime, Unit UTR 4068. Two tracks on Fredy Studer/Christy Doran double CD.
1993, Drumbone2, For 4 Ears CD 512.
1994, Slow motion, For 4 Ears CD 514. Duo with Jim O'Rourke.
1994, C.A.E.N, eM13n. Mini CD; Nachtluft.
Upgrade & afterlife, CD/2LP Drag City CD90. With Gastra Del Sol.
1995, Esquizodelio, Triquinoise. Clonicos: with Marclay; Breuss; Arrizabalaga; Garcia; Escribano.
1995, Humannoise Congress #7/#8/#9, Humannoise Congress CD-R/booklet.
1996, Table chair and hatstand, For 4 Ears CD 820. With Jim O'Rourke and Voice Crack.
1996, TIT for TAT/Conduction #70, For 4 Ears CD 927. Lawrence Butch Morris.
1997, Weighting, For 4 Ears CD 824. With Jim O'Rourke.
1997, Shift, For 4 Ears CD 928. With Hans Burgener/Richard Teitelbaum.
1998, Metal tastes like orange: secret recording 1, Amoebic/Valve 04. With Masahiko Okura/Taku Sugimoto/Otomo Yoshihide.
1998, Filament 2: secret recording 2, For 4 Ears CD 1031. With Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide.
1998, WIM Radiodays, stv/asm 001. Two tracks on compilation CD.
1998, >11>ways>to>proceed, For 4 Ears CD1035. Burgener/Teitelbaum/Müller/Zingaro.
1998, metal tastes like orange, CD Amoebic AMO-VA-04. With Masahiko Okura, Taku Sugimoto, Otomo Yoshihide.
1998, > Direct chamber, 33Revpermi 2002. Trio of Fabrice Charles/Michel Doneda/Günter Müller.
1999, poire_z, For 4 Ears CD 1033. With Voice Crack and Erik M.
1999, poire_z, Trost TR076. poire_z play one track on this festival compilation CD.
1999, My dear mummy, Charhizma 017. Otomo Yoshihide/Shimada Masahiko.
1999/2000, Presque_chic, Sonoris son-42. poire_z.
1999, The world turned upside down, Erstwhile records 005. With Keith Rowe/Taku Sugimoto.
1999, I am happy if you are happy, For 4 Ears CD 1140. Duo with Taku Sugimoto.
2000, La voyelle liquide, Erstwhile records 010. Günter Müller/Lê Quan Ninh.
2000, buda_rom, For 4 Ears CD 1344. Voice Crack/Günter Müller.
2000/2001, +, Erstwhile records 022. poire_z +.
2001, Streaming, For 4 Ears CD 1343. Dieb 13/Jason Khan/Günter Müller.
2001, 25th NWM, Ninth World Music NWM0 25 CD. One track on compilation CD.
2001, boom_box, GROB 649. müller_möslang.
2001-2002, Eight landscapes, For 4 Ears CD 1445. Solo.
2002, More gloom, more light, Rossbin RS 010. Trio with nmperign.
2002, Time travel, Erstwhile records 029. Duo with Otomo.
2002, Momentan def, Cut 010. Korber - Müller - Steinbrüchel.
2002?, Grain, DotDotDot Music 003. One (very) short solo track on this compilation.
2002, AMPLIFY02: balance, Erstwhile Records 033-040. Box set of 7CDs + 1DVD of Erstwhile-curated event in Tokyo.
2002, e_a.sonata.02, For 4 Ears CD 1447. Urs Leimgruber/Günter Müller/Arte Quartet.
2002, Meeting at Off Site vol. 3, Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-515. Müller/Akiyama/Nakamura on one track.
2002, q, For 4 Ears CD 1551. Poire_z + Phil Minton.
2002, Wireless_within, For 4 Ears CD 1655. Samartzis_Müller_Voice Crack.
2002/03, Strange love, For 4 Ears CD 1448. Ambarchi_Müller_Samartzis.
2002/03, Loose community, Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-511. Otomo Yoshihide/Park Je Chun/Mi Yeon; GM on one track (prerecorded).
2003, Blinks, For 4 Ears CD 1552. Jason Khan/Günter Müller.
2003, Oxide, Creative sources CS 069. Ricardo Arias/Günter Müller/Hans Tammen.
2003, Skyshifter, Creative sources CS 095. Mark O'Leary/Günter Müller.
2003, Why not Béchamel?, For 4 Ears CD 1553. eRickm/Günter Müller/Toshimaru Nakamura.
2003, Stralau, Creative Sources CS 032. Bertrand Denzler/Axel Dörner/Daniel Erdmann/Michael Griener/Günter Müller.
2004, Points and slashes, Erstwhile Records 044. Tetuzi Akiyama/Günter Müller.
2004, Drumming, Creative sources CS 049. Günter Müller/Jason Kahn/Christian Wolfarth
2004, Wild_suzuki, For 4 Ears CD 1760. Möslang_Müller.
2004, Fibre, For 4 Ears CD 1657. Korber/Rowe/Müller.
2004/05, tanker, For 4 Ears CD 1759. Okura Müller Yoshida.
2006, Buenos Aires tapes, Monotype Records Mono 025.
2006, Signal to noise vol. 1, For 4 Ears CD 1763. Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Keiichiro Shibuya/Maria.
2006, Signal to noise vol. 3, For 4 Ears CD 1865. Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller.
2006, Signal to noise vol. 4, For 4 Ears CD 1866. Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Christian Weber/Katsura Yamauchi.
2006, Signal to noise vol. 5, For 4 Ears CD 1867. Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Aube.
2006, Signal to noise vol. 6, For 4 Ears CD 1968. Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Bae Miryung/Jin Sangtae/Sato Yukie.
2007, Taste tribes, For 4 Ears CD 1970. With Alfred 23 Harth/Hans Joachim Irmler.
2007, msa, For 4 Ears CD 1971. mkm.
2007/8, Cym_bowl, mikroton cd 1. Solo.
2009, Limmat, mikroton cd 7. Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Christian Wolfarth.

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