Hans Burgener


Photograph copyright Margret Sommer.

Born 1952, Bern, Switzerland; acoustic and electric violin.

Hans Burgener began playing the violin when he was six and, after studying at the conservatory of Bern, he played in several classical orchestras, folk groups, rock groups and jazz-rock bands. In 1981 he co-founded the Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik - WIM Bern - and since then has primarily been involved in improvised music.

Between 1986 and 1991 he worked with dancers such as Franca Horisberger, Eva Fuhrer, Susanne Müller - with whom he has continued to work as recently as 1995 - and exponents of the fine arts such as Ruedi Schwyn, Jürg Nigg, Moritz Bösiger, Res Flückiger and Urs Gehbauer. Change of shift from 1989 was an experimental meeting in the quarry of Krauchthal near Bern and involved 8 musicians, 1 dancer and 3 artists. Similarly, The snail - 5 traces in an industrial place was a piece for 3 musicians and 2 artists performed in 1991 and supported by the town and canton of Bern.

Particular groupings have included:


1992, 10 WIM Pern, UNIT UTR 4047 CD. Three short tracks on this compilation CD.
1992, Arnold bombs and fireflys, For 4 Ears CD409. Hans Anliker/Hans Burgener/Michael Lytle/Martin Schütz.
1992, Looking out our window, For 4 Ears CD515. Hans Burgener/Barre Phillips/Martin Schütz.
1994, Lilith, For 4 Ears CD617. Margrit Rieben/Hans Burgener/Ursula Hofmann.
1997, Shift, For 4 Ears CD928. Burgener/Teitelbaum/Müller.
1998, Heat transfer, For 4 Ears CD929. Hans Burgener/Barre Phillips/Martin Schütz.
1998, >11>ways>to>proceed, For 4 Ears CD1035. Burgener/Teitelbaum/Müller/Zingaro.

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