John Edwards

Photograph of John Edwards

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double bass.

After taking up the bass, around 1987, John Edwards co-formed The Pointy Birds who went on to win awards for their music for The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs dance troupes. The group appeared at festivals in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Moers, Leverkusen, Copenhagen. Around 1990, Edwards played his first gigs with London improvisers such as Roger Turner, Lol Coxhill, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton.

Between 1990 and 1995 Edwards was a member of three touring groups simultaneously: B-Shops For The Poor, The Honkies and GOD. During this period he also became an increasingly regular player on the London improvised music scene and performed his first solo gigs; he composed and performed music theatre with the bass and cello duo The Great Explorers, street-busked a lot and appeared at many more festivals in Germany, Estonia, France, Italy, Czech, etc.

Since 1995 John Edwards has become a "mainstay" of the London scene, playing with just about everybody, an activity that has seen him clocking up between 150 and 200 gigs a year. He has become regular player with Evan Parker, in many groupings, and with Tony Bevan, Veryan Weston, and Elton Dean, often in collaboration with Mark Sanders on percussion. He has become a more frequent player on the European (and festival) scene, appearing at Taktlos, Ulrichsburg, Nickelsdorf, Budapest, New Zealand and in the USA. He continues to work on solo performances.


1987, The Pointy Birds, The Pointy Birds.
1988, Pointy pointy, The Pointy Birds.
1988, Flesh and blood, The Pointy Birds.
1989, The Iceberg principle, B-Shop For The Poor.
1991, Visions & blueprints, No wave NWCD 2. With B-shops for the poor.
1991, Loco, GOD.
1992, Possession, GOD.
1993, Plague the inventor, B-Shops For The Poor.
1993, Consumption, GOD.
1993, Who eats?, The Honkies.
1994, Rotator, Sonicphonics.
1994, The Wild goose chase, B-Shops For The Poor.
1994, The Anatomy of addiction, GOD.
1994, Songs from beyond, The Great Explorers.
1995, A Passionate journey, B-Shops For The Poor.
1995, Appeal to human greed, GOD.
1995, Relay III - random play, 2:13 Music 01.
1995-1997, Fractuur, UtterPsalm 3CD. John Wall.
1996, Bonemeal, X-Ray Eyes.
1996, Signals through flames, B-Shops For The Poor.
1996, London air lift, FMP CD 89. Evan Parker Quartet.
1997, The Illustrated man, James Hardway Quartet.
1997, The Neon lounge, James Hardway Quartet.
1997, Praxis, FMR CD47-V0198. John Lloyd Sextet.
1997, Touch, Matchless MRCD 34. Eddie Prévost Trio.
1997/1998, Strings with Evan Parker, Emanem 4302.
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1998, Mercury concert, Emanem 4028. Weston/Edwards/Sanders.
1998, Unearthed, 33 Records 33WM110 CD. Veryan Weston/Stu Butterfield/John Grieve/John Edwards.
1998/1999, Spectral soprano, Emanem 4204. Lol Coxhill; John Edwards on three tracks.
1999, Foxes fox, Emanem 4035. Parker/Beresford/Edwards/Moholo.
1999, The two seasons, Emanem 4202. Parker/Edwards/Sanders.
1999, Proceedings, Emanem 4201. London Improvisers Orchestra.
1999, Hit and run, FMP CD 116. Dunmall with Edwards with Butcher.
1999, Unearthed, John Grieve Quartet.
2000, The first two gigs, Emanem 4063. Burn/Butcher/Davies/Edwards.
2000, Out from the cage, FMR CD107-i0602. Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco/John Edwards/John Adams.
2000, Cue sheets II, Tzadik TZ 7513. Steve Beresford; Edwards on one track.
2000, Homework, GROB 317. School of Velocity.
2000, Nothing is permanent but woe, Foghorn Records FOGCD002. Bevan/Edwards/Sanders.
2000, London gigs, Prominence PPRCD 4199. Duo with Enzo Rocco.
2000, The virtue in if, Matchless MRCD 43. Eddie Prévost Trio.
2000, False face society, Incus CD47. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward.
2000, The hearing continues..., Emanem 4203. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2000, Parker/Haslam/Edwards, SLAMCD 314.
2000, London Musicians' Collective ...the first 25 years, LMC Res8.2CD/Res9.1CD. One track of Steve Noble's 4tet.
2000, ...with The Ruins/Shock Exchange, Guapo.
2000, Bottle sucker, Nigel Burch's Fleapit Orchestra.
2000, Minnow, ODDO Records OD1. Minnow.
2001, Nham, Foghorn Records FOGCD03. Bevan/Bishop/Zerang/Edwards.
2001, Live at the Red Rose, SLAMCD 313. The Anglo-Argentine Jazz Quartet.
2001, Hylic, UtterPsalm 6CD. John Wall.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: small groups, Emanem 4205.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: large groups, Emanem 4206.
2001, Seventh of May 2001: Freedom of the city, radical improvised musics, Matchless MRCD 47. One track by Eddie Prévost Trio.
2001, Out of the woods, Minnow.
2001?, Grain, DotDotDot Music 003. One (very) short solo track on this compilation.
2001/2002, Optic, Emanem 4089. John Butcher/John Edwards duo.
2002, PaPaJo, Emanem 4076. Paul Lovens/Paul Hubweber/John Edwards.
2002, Free zone Appleby 2002, psi 03.02/3. Octet in various combinations.
2002, Freedom of the city 2002, Emanem 4090. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2002, Nisus duets, Emanem 4094. Edwards/Sanders duo.
2002, The Welsh chapel, Cadence CJR 1161. Trio with Frode Gjerstad and Mark Sanders.
2002, London duos and trios, Intakt CD 081. Hans Koch.
2002?, AMaSSED, Thirsty Ear THI57123.2. Spring Heel Jack.
2002, Mopomoso solos 2002, Emanem 4100. Chris Burn/Lol Coxhill/John Edwards/Phil Minton/John Russell.
2002, Klusterbuckstuckle, SLAMCD 256. Organon.
2002/3, A bright nowhere, Matchless MRCD 55. Conditions.
2002/2003, Gateway to Vienna, Emanem 4214. Veryan Weston/John Edwards/Mark Sanders.
?, Hallelujah, anyway: remembering Tom Cora, Tzadik TZ 7602. One Shock Exchange track on this compilation.
2003, Live at the Vortex, London, Rare Music 037. Evan Parker/Kenny Wheeler/Paul Dunmall/Tony Levin/John Edwards.
2003, Freedom of the city 2003: small groups, Emanem 4212.
2003, Home cooking in the UK, Foghorn FOGCD004. Sunny Murray/John Edwards/Tony Bevan.
2003, Free zone Appleby 2003, psi 04.05. Octet in various combinations.
2003, The blackbird's whistle, Matchless MRCD56. Eddie Prévost Trio.
2003/2004, Responses, reproduction & reality: freedom of the city 2003-4, Emanem 4110. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2004, The early years, Ping Pong 003. Coxhill/Edwards/Noble.
2004, Brothers in music, DUNS Limited edition 039. Paul Dunmall/Simon Thoumire/John Edwards/Philip Gibbs.
2004, Bruised, Foghorn FOGCD005. Tony Bevan/Orphy Robinson/John Edwards/Ashley Wales/Mark Sanders.
2004, Bruise with Derek Bailey, Foghorn FOGCD006. Derek Bailey/Tony Bevan/Orphy Robinson/John Edwards/Ashley Wales/Mark Sanders.
2004, Naan tso, psi 05.07. Foxes fox.
2005, Freedom of the city 2005, Emanem 4216. In trio Rutherford/Edwards/Sanders.
2005, Crossing the river, psi 06.02. Evan Parker Octet.
2005, Language of the spirit, Rare Music 035. Tony Levin/Paul Dunmall/John Edwards.
2005, Free zone Appleby 2005, psi 06.06. Gerd Dudek/Tony Levin/Evan Parker/Tony Marsh/Paul Dunmall/Philipp Wachsmann/John Edwards/Kenny Wheeler/Paul Rogers.
2005, We packed are bags, Foghorn FOGCD008. Bruise.
2006, Obliquity, Bo'Weavil Weavil 23CD. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alan Wilkinson.
2006, Live at the New Vortex, DUNS Limited edition 056. Paul Dunmall/John Edwards.
2006, A glancing blow, Clean Feed CF085CD. Evan Parker/John Edwards/Chris Corsano.
2006, The gearbox explodes!, Foghorn FGCD009. Sunny Murray Trio.
2006/07, Gocce stellari, Emanem 5006. Stellari String Quartet.
2007, Live at The Vortex, psi 12.01. Foxes fox with Kenny Wheeler.
2008, Volume, psi 08.09. Solo.
2008, A week went by, psi 10.03. Aki Takase.
2008, An open letter to my wife Mpumi, Ogun OGCD 031. Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit.
2008, somethingtobesaid, Weight of Wax WOW 02. AMM/John Butcher Group.
2008, A brush with dignity,
2008/09, Sinister heights, Remote Viewers RV6/7. The Remote Viewers.
2008, Live at Cafe Oto, Bo'Weavil Weavil 33CD. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alan Wilkinson.
2008, Deadeye tricksters, Bo'Weavil Weavil 30CD. NEW [Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward].
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2008/09, Sinister heights, Remote Viewers RV6/7. The Remote Viewers.
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2009, NEWtoons, Bo'Weavil Sidra LP01. NEW [Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward].
2009, House full of floors, Tzadik TZ7632. Evan Parker/John Edwards/John Russell/Aleks Kolkowski.
2009, Boom boom cat, Foghorn FGCD011. Sunny Murray/John Edwards/Tony Bevan.
2010, ...the worse the better, OTOROKU ROKU001. Brötzmann/Edwards/Noble.
2010, I stepped onto a bee, Foghorn FGCD014. Sunny Murray/John Edwards/Tony Bevan.
2010, To the north, Remote Viewers RV8. The Remote Viewers.
2011, Meetins with remarkable saxophonists volume 1, Matchless MRCD81. Evan Parker/John Edwards/Eddie Prévost.
2011, Nerve cure, Remote Viewers RV9. The Remote Viewers.
2011, White cable black wires, Fataka 3. Duo with Okkyung Lee.
2011, Just not cricket! Three days of British improvised music in Berlin, NI-VU-NI-CONNU nvnc-lp001/004. Tom Arthurs/Steve Beresford/Tony Bevan/Matthew Bourne/Gail Brand/Lol Coxhill/Rhodri Davies/John Edwards/Shabaka Hutchings/Dominic Lash/Phil Minton/Eddie Prévost/Orphy Robinson/Mark Sanders/Alex Ward/Trevor Watts.
2011, Overground to the Vortex, Not Two MW 904. François Carrier/Michel Lambert/John Edwards/Steve Beresford.
2011, Meetins with remarkable saxophonists volume 4, Matchless MRCD81. Bertrand Denzler/John Edwards/Eddie Prévost.
2012, City of nets, Remote Viewers RV10. The Remote Viewers.
2012, Big pauer, Euphorium Records EUPH 041b. New Old Luten Quintet.
2012, All change, Matchless MRCD92. Tom Chant/John Edwards/Eddie Prévost.
2012, On air, Weight of Wax WOW 05. The Apophonics.
2012, Hear now: a film by Mark French, FMRDVD5. Trevor Watts/Veryon Weston/Mark Sanders/John Edwards.
2012, For the Blue Notes, Ogun OGCD 042. Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit.
2013, Crimeways, Remote Viewers RV11. The Remote Viewers.
2013, Mental shake, OTOROKU ROKU010. Brötzmann/Adasiewicz/Edwards/Noble.
2013, 3 nights at Cafe Oto, Matchless MRCD93. Evan Parker/John Edwards/Eddie Prévost/Alexander von Schlippenbach/Christof Thewes.
2013, The Jersey Lily, Creative Sources CS 270 CD. Foils Quartet.
2013, 4 blokes, Ogun OGCD 043. Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet.
2013, Letzter tumult!, Euphorium Records EUPH 045. New Old Luten Quintet.
2014, Pitfall, Remote Viewers RV12. The Remote Viewers.
2014, With..., Emanem 5037. John Russell's 60th birthday gig.
2014, Beyond the barrier, Matchless MRCD95. Nathaniel Catchpole/John Edwards/Eddie Prévost.
2014, City fall, Fundacja Sluchaj FSR 04 2016 2CD. Parker/Trzaska/Edwards/Sanders.
2014, Letzter kraall!, Euphorium Records EUPH 052. New Old Luten Quintet.
2015, Filu 'e Ferru, No label details or number. Evan Parker Sant'Anna Arresi Quintet.
2015, PEN, Dropa Disc #004. Parker/Edwards/Noble.
2015, November sky, Remote Viewers RV13. The Remote Viewers.
2015?, JEMS, Treader trd024. John Edwards/Mark Sanders.
2016?, No voice from the hall, Remote Viewers RV14. The Remote Viewers.
2016, Five, FMR CD437-0217. The Runcible Quintet.
2016, Last dream of the morning, Relative Pitch Records RPR1056. John Butcher/John Edwards/Mark Sanders.
2016, Walthamstow moon, Byrd Out BYR002. Evan Parker/John Edwards/John Russell.
2017, Last man in Europe, Remote Viewers RV15. The Remote Viewers.

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