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1948, Biel, Switzerland; bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, electronics.

Having studied at the Conservatory in Biel and Zurich, Hans Koch began his musical career as a classical clarinetist, working from 1973 to 1980 at the Music College of Winterthur. In 1978, he met Martin Schütz, also at the Conservatory, and they formed a jazz trio at the beginning of the 1980s, finally settling with the drummer Marco Käppeli. Moving through the Horace Silver and John Coltrane repertoire, they were later influenced by Albert Ayler, Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker, gradually moving to compose their own pieces. Performances eventually led to a recording of the trio on ECM and then a second disc the following year (1988) on Sound Aspects. In 1985 he won the best soloist award at the Jazzfestival Lugano and in 1986 was awarded the "Kulturpreis from the city of Biel".

During the same period, Koch was also a member of Werner Lüdi's Sunnymoon, along with Martin Schütz, Stephan Wittwer and Paul Lovens. In 1987 he undertook a 6-month residence in New York with funding from the Kanton of Bern and played in a wide variety of situations: with Andrew Cyrille, Butch Morris, Shelley Hirsch and David Moss among many others. This resulted in regular groupings such as a trio with Cyrille, a Swiss tour with Moss and Jim Meneses and performance at Willisau and Nickelsdorf and a recording for FMP of X-Communication (Morris, Hirsch, Schütz, Lovens, Hans Reichel, Jason Hwang and J.A. Dean). In 1988, Koch was a member of the Cecil Taylor European Orchestra, the recording of which was released in the much-prized In Berlin box set from FMP.

Hans Koch's solo CD, Uluru was recorded in 1989 and at the end of 1991 CHOCKSHUT (a near anagram of Koch and Schütz) was recorded, a sextet that included Fredy Studer. This was the beginning of the trio "Koch-Schütz-Studer", though their first recording with the descriptive and provocative title of Hardcore chamber music was not recorded for another three years, by which time Koch was working with electronics as an extension of his reeds, as well as with sampling/sequencing. In the ten years that have followed, the trio has recorded frequently and collaborated with a wide variety of musicians: from Egypt, from Cuba, with DJs, and with poetry/spoken word.

Other collaborations include:

In addition, Hans Koch has collaborated in radio-plays and film, for example: In 2000, Hans Koch undertook a 6-month stay in London with funding from the Kuratorium Aargau and played with frequently with British free improvisers, some meetings of which are documented on the Intakt CD London duos and trios, while his sitting in the the London Improvisers Orchestra was releaed on Emanem. More recently he has formed a duo with Bertrand Denzler which has issued a CD on Ambiances Magnétiques and toured the USA in October 2003.

e-mail: hans.koch@freesurf.ch


1984, Neurotica, hat ART. Urs Bloechlinger.
1984, Lunatico, hat ART. Werner Lüdi Sunnymoon.
1986, Schnipp schnapp, hat ART. Peter Schaerli Quintet.
1987, Accélération, ECM 1357. Koch/Schütz/Käppeli.
1987, Serendipity, Creative Works. Werner Lüdi's Sunnymoon.
1988, Alms/Tiergarten (Spree) FMP CD 8/9. Cecil Taylor European Orchestra.
1988, The art of the staccato, Sound Aspects SAS CD 033. Koch/Schütz/Käppeli.
1989, Uluru, Intakt CD 014. Solo.
1989, Approximations, Intakt CD 018.
1989, Duets, dithyrambisch, FMP CD19. Fuchs/Koch/Parker/Sclavis.
1990, X-Communication, FMP CD 33.
1990, 12 (+ 6) in a row, hat ART CD 6081. Paul Bley.
1991, CHOCKSHUT, Intakt CD 031.
1992, Half a lifetime, Unit UTR 4068. One track on Fredy Studer/Christy Doran double CD.
1993, Conduction #38: In Freud's garden, New World 80486. Butch Morris.
1994, Hardcore chambermusic, Intakt CD 042.
1995, Nil Unit Records UTR 4083.
1995, Heavy Cairo traffic, Intuition INT 3175 2. Hardcore chambermusic.
1995, Comité imaginaire, FMP CD84. Holz Für Europa.
1995, Stone, brick, glass, wood, wire: graphic scores 1986-96, i dischi di angelica IDA 014. Fred Frith.
1996, TIT for TAT/Conduction #70, FOR 4 EARS CD927. Butch Morris.
1997, Fidel, Intakt CD 056. Hardcore chambermusic.
1998, Roots and wires, Intakt CD 060. Hardcore chambermusic/DJ M. Singe/DJ I-Sound.
1998, WIM Radiodays, stv/asm 001. Short solo on compilation CD.
2000, Live im Schiffbau, Intakt CD 074. Hardcore chambermusic/Christian Uetz.
2000, The hearing continues..., Emanem 4203. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2000, London duos and trios, Intakt CD 081.
2000, Inscape - Tableaux, Intakt CD 066. Barry Guy New Orchestra.
2001, Asymétries, Ambiances Magnétiques AM 112 CD. Duo with Bertrand Denzler.
2001, Ellipses, DORON jazz DRJ 1016. Hans Koch/Julien Pinol/Ramon Lopez.
2001?, Laconic sounds, No label. Rat Killer.
2002, Passions und osterspiele/Mysterienspiel live in der Jesuitenkirche, Gallo CD-1134. Koch-Schütz-Studer/Christian Uetz/Beny von Moos.
2002, 3 suites & a violin, hatOLOGY 634. Christian Weber.
2001-2003, Life tied, Intakt CD 094. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2004, Oort-Entropy, Intakt CD 101. Barry Guy New Orchestra.
2004, Conductions 143/1 143/2, Galatina Records CD 0701. Butch Morris/Ensemble Laboratorio Novamusica.
2004/2005, Root down, Intakt CD 135. Tommy Meier.
2005, Tales from 30 unintentional nights, Intakt CD 117. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2005, A club for 30 days, Intakt DVD 131. Koch-Schütz-Studer.
2008, Love letters to the President, Intakt CD 154. Schweizer Holz Trio.
2008, Aicó, Creative sources CS 186. Hans Koch/Thomas Rohrer/Antonio Panda Gianfratti.
2010, Mad dogs, Not Two 902-2 (5CD set). Barry Guy New Orchestra small formations.
2010/2011, Walking and stumbling through your sleep, Intakt CD 201. Koch-Schütz-Studer with Shelley Hirsch.
2012, Species appropriate animal husbandry, Creative sources CS 249. Hans Koch/Gaudenz Badrutt/Alexandre Babel.
2012, Mad dogs on the loose, Not Two 925-2 (4CD set). Barry Guy New Orchestra small formations.
2012/2013, Erfolg, Deszpot 005. Solo with multitracking.
2013, Amphi - Radio rondo, Intakt CD 235. Barry Guy New Orchestra.
2015, Cold duck, Monotype Records Mono 896. S4: John Butcher/Christian Kobi/Hans Koch/Urs Leimgruber.

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