Misha Mengelberg

In performance at Total Music Meeting Berlin 2 November 2004: photograph copyright Volkan Terzioglu: volkan.terzioglu@gmail.com

Born 5 June 1935 in Kiev; piano.

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1964.1972, Epistrophy, ICP 015. Eric Dolphy, Misha Mengelberg, Jacques Schols, Han Bennink + Eeko.
1964, Last date, Fontana 681008ZL/EmArCy 510124-2. Eric Dolphy/Misha Mengelberg/Jacques Schols/Han Bennink.
1964/1966, Driekusman total loss, Varajazz 210. Misha Mengelberg Quartet featuring Gary Peacock.
1966, Contemporary jazz from Holland/Litany for the 14th of June 1966, Relax 33004.
1966, Jazz from Holland, Artone POP 41. The Misja Mengelberg Quartet
1966, The Misja Mengelberg Quartet as heard at the Newport Jazz Festival, Artone MGOS 9467.
1968, Instant Composers Pool, ICP 002. With John Tchicai and Han Bennink.
1969, The pirate: previously unreleased recordings 1969-1994, Bvhaast CD 0301. Willem Breuker.
1969, Instant Composers Pool, ICP 007/008.
1969, Opera: Reconstructie/Reconstruction A Morality, Steim 113 612/613/614. Louis Andriessen.
1970, Instant Composers Pool, ICP 005. With John Tchicai, Misha Mengelberg and Derek Bailey.
1970, Groupcomposing, ICP 006.
1971, Mengelberg Bennink ICP 010.
1971, Patterns, LP: Sun SR108/CD: Eremite MTE 019. Noah Howard.
1972, Een mirakelse tocht door het Scharrebroekse ICP 013. Duo with Han Bennink released on 6 flexidiscs.
1974, Einepartietischtennis ICP 014/FMP SAJ 03. Mengelberg Bennink.
1977, Midwoud 77 ICP 013. Duo with Han Bennink.
1977, Fictions, Incus 38. Company.
1977, In Berlin FMP SAJ-23. ICP Tentet.
1977, For example, FMP R123. One track of ICP-Tentet on commemorative/compilation 3LP set.
1977, Midwoud 77 ICP 013. Duo with Han Bennink.
1977, Tetterettet ICP 020. Instant Composers Pool Tentet.
1978, A European proposal Horo HPD 35-36. Bennink/Mengelberg/Rutherford/Schiano.
1978, Yi yole ICP 021. With Dudu Pukwana and Han Bennink.
1979, Humanplexity Leo Records LR 101. Keshavan Maslak.
1979, Live Soncino ICP 022/adLIB 811. ICP Orchestra.
1979, 3 points and a mountain, FMP 0670. With Han Bennink and Peter Brötzmann.
1979, 3 points and a mountain... plus, FMP CD 107. With Han Bennink and Peter Brötzmann.
1979, Willem van Manen . One duo with Mengelberg.
1979/1980/1981, Bennink Mengelberg ICP 023.
1979-1984, Han Bennink, Musica Jazz MJCD 1162. Three unreleased tracks featuring MM on this HB compilation.
1980/2007 Hazentijd, DATA Images 06. Documentary on the musical life and development of Han Bennink including Mengelberg/Bennink duo and ICP.
1981 Instant replay, nato 25/32 (LP). Lol Coxhill.
1981 Instant replay, nato 25-32 (CD). Lol Coxhill.
1982, Japan Japon IMA 1/ICP 024/DIW 1014. Misha Mengelberg and ICP Orchestra. Also issued on DIW 454 CD with two additional tracks.
1982, Regeneration, Soul Note SN 121054. Rudd/Lacy/Mengelberg/Carter/Bennink.
1984, Change of season Soul Note SN 121104. Misha Mengelberg/Han Bennink/George Lewis/Steve Lacy/Arjen Gorter.
1984, Tropic of the mounted sea chicken Splasc(h) HP 05. Minafra, Mengelberg plus orchestra.
1984/1986, Two programs: Herbie Nichols/Thelonius Monk, ICP 026. ICP Orchestra.
1986/90/91, Bospaadje konijnehol I, ICP 028. ICP Orchestra.
1987, Dutch masters, Soul Note 121154. Misha Mengelberg/Steve Lacy/George Lewis/Ernst Reijseger/Han Bennink.
1988, Impromptus FMP CD 7. Solo.
1989, Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, ECM 1409.
1990/91, Bospaadje konijnehol II, ICP 029. ICP Orchestra.
1991, L'heure bleu, hat ART CD 6093/hatOLOGY 571. Four duos with Franz Koglmann.
1991, October Meeting 1991: 3 Quartets, Bimhuis 003. Quartet of Anthony Braxton, Mengelberg, Mark Dresser and Han Bennink.
1991, October meeting 1991: anatomy of a meeting, Bimhuis 004. Trio with Sunny Murray and Ab Baars.
1992, MiHa, ICP 031. Duo with Han Bennink.
1992, Grandpa's spells, Storyville 4182.
1993, Anthony Braxton's Charlie Parker Project, hat ART CD 2-6160/hatOLOGY 2-612.
1994, Mix, ICP 030. Solo.
1994, Who's bridge, Avant 038. Misha Mengelberg Trio.
1996, Misha Mengelberg, AI 010.
1996, AngelicA 1996, AI 011. Four tracks on compilation concert CD.
1996, The root of the problem, hatOLOGY 504. Duos and trios with various partners.
1996, No idea, DIW-619. Misha Mengelberg Trio.
1996, Instant discoveries nr. 3, The Field Recordings 3, FR 3. Trio with Luc Houtkamp and Gert-Jan Prins.
1996, Five facings, FMP CD 85/Jazzwerkstatt JW025. Three duos on Monk with Steve Lacy.
1997, MiHa, ICP 031. Duo with Han Bennink.
1997, Live in Holland '97, X-OR FR 5. With Mats Gustafsson and Gert-Jan Prins.
1997, Jubilee varia, hatOLOGY 528. ICP Orchestra.
1996, Two days in Chicago, hatOLOGY 2-535. Solo, a duo, trios and quartets with various partners.
1999, Solo, BUZZ ZZ 76012.
2000, Lively, BUZZ ZZ 76015. Yuri Honing/Misha Mengelberg/Ernst Reijseger.
2000, Four in one, Songlines SGL SA1535-5. Misha Mengelberg Quartet.
2001, Oh my dog!, ICP 040. ICP Orchestra.
2002, Paul Termos Sessions Volume I, X-OR 015.
2002, November Music 2002: See the sound, hear the space, November Music NM 006. One ICP track and a Bennink/Mengelberg duo on compilation CD.
2003, Party at the Bimhuis: 10 years Ab Baars Trio, Wig 09.
2003, Aan & Uit, ICP 042. ICP Orchestra.
2003, Heterogeneity, A Records AL73247. Benjamin Herman.
2005, Senne sing song, Tzadik TZ7613.
2005, Weer is een dag voorbij, ICP 043. ICP Orchestra.
2005, Vis-à-vis, Leo Records CD LR 476. Frank Gratkowski/Misha Mengelberg.
2006, It won't be called broken chair, psi 11.07. Misha Mengelberg/Evan Parker.
1972-2006, Afijn, Data Images 03/ICP 044. DVD on Misha Mengelberg featuring ICP Orchestra and others.
2008, Live at the Bimhuis, ICP 046. ICP Orchestra.
2008, Sliptong, Wig16. Baars/Henneman/Mengelberg.
2009, ICP Orchestra, ICP 049. ICP Orchestra.
2009, !ICP! 50, ICP 050. ICP Orchestra.
2013, Live at the Vortex/Misha enzovoort, ICP 052CD/053DVD. ICP Orchestra.

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