Steve Noble

Photograph of Steve Noble

drums, percussion, turntables.

Steve Noble studied with Nigeria master drummer Elkan Ogunde and in the early 1980s was a member of Rip Rig and Panic, touring extensively throughout Europe and England. Since then he has worked in a variety of musical contexts but has been extensively involved in improvised music through work with a wide range of musicians. These include: Steve Noble has regularly collaborated with The Bow Gamelan Ensemble (performance artist/musician Paul Burwell), with David Lester's Kino Club, and with a range of dancers and dance groups including Katie Duck and Group O, Steve Paxton, Alessandro Certini, Julian Hamilton, Kirsty Simpson, and Mal Pelo. He has composed original music for Alessandro Certini's Verso madre del turco (1988), Monserrat Llabres' L'hombre del'ocelot (1991), and Mal Pelo's Cancion por las pajaros (1993), Cancion per Bernabé (1997), and Orache (1998).

Steve Noble runs the label Ping Pong Productions.


1987, Live at Oscars, Incus 52. Alex Maguire/Steve Noble.
1987, Once, Incus CD04. Company.
1989/1990, Ya boo, reel & rumble, Incus CD06. Steve Noble/Alex Ward.
1990, Tumbala Casa! Trios vol. 1, VOTP VOCA 907. With Billy Jenkins and Oren Marshall.
1991, Bigshots, Incus CD 08. Tony Bevan/Paul Rogers/Steve Noble.
1995, Twisters, Scatter 06. Tony Bevan/Alexander Frangenheim/Steve Noble.
1995, Flathead reunion, Ping Pong 002. Noble/Williams/Marshall.
1996, Bud moon, Ping Pong 002. Noble/Marshall/Buckley.
1996, Bent, Extraplatte Ex 296-2. Franz Hautzinger Quartett.
1997, Zap II, DUNS Limited edition 004. Dunmall/Adams/Marshall/Sanders/Noble.
1997, And, Rectangle S/S2. Bailey/Thomas/Noble.
1997, Improvisation, MP97/ORF 15. Track by And on this concert CD.
1999, Out of the past, Ping Pong 004. Bailey/Noble.
1999, Axis of cavity, Bruce's Fingers BF40. Badland.
1999, Spectral soprano, Emanem 4204. Lol Coxhill; Steve Noble on two tracks.
1999, Proceedings, Emanem 4201. London Improvisers Orchestra.
1999, Aniversario, IBA CD-R IBA 2. Track on compilation CDR.
2000, Homework, GROB 317. School of Velocity.
2000, London gigs, Prominence PPRCD 4199. Two duos with Enzo Rocco.
2000, False face society, Incus CD47. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward.
2000, London Musicians' Collective ...the first 25 years, LMC Res8.2CD/Res9.1CD. One track of Steve Noble's 4tet.
2000, The hearing continues..., Emanem 4203. London Improvisers Orchestra.
2000, Zap III, DUNS Limited edition 005. Dunmall/Gibbs/Adams/Marshall/Marsh/Noble.
2001, Out to launch, Emanem 4086. Lol Coxhill: The Unlaunched Orchestra.
2001, Thirteen rectangles, Bruce's Fingers BF43. SFQ.
2001?, Barbarian, Incus CDR 5. And.
2002, London duos and trios, Intakt CD 081. Hans Koch.
2002-2005, Composition No. 62: Compilation IV, BF57. Simon H. Fell.
2003, Views of Mancini, FMRCD263-0808. The Mancini Project.
2003, Freedom of the city 2003: small groups, Emanem 4212.
2003, The ins and outs, Emanem 4116. Free Base
2003, The society of the spectacle, Emanem 4120. Badland.
2003/2004, Four compositions, Red Toucan RT9326. SFQ.
2004, The early years, Ping Pong 003. Coxhill/Edwards/Noble.
2003, Help point, Copepod POD02. Alex Ward/Luke Barlow/Simon Fell/Steve Noble.
2006, Obliquity, Bo'Weavil Weavil 23CD. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alan Wilkinson.
2008, Live at Cafe Oto, Bo'Weavil Weavil 33CD. Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alan Wilkinson.
2008, Deadeye tricksters, Bo'Weavil Weavil 30CD. NEW [Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward].
2008/09, Sinister heights, Remote Viewers RV6/7. The Remote Viewers.
2009, NEWtoons, Bo'Weavil Sidra LP01. NEW [Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward].
2010, ...the worse the better, OTOROKU ROKU001. Brötzmann/Edwards/Noble.
2011, Prediction and warning, Fataka 6. Ikue Mori/Steve Noble.
2012, The Founder effect I, Treader TRD016. Wilkinson/Thomas/Noble/Coxon.
2012, The Founder effect II, Treader TRD017. Wilkinson/Thomas/Noble/Coxon.
2012, The Founder effect III, Treader TRD018. Thomas/Noble.
2013, I am here where are you, Trost TR122. Brötzmann/Noble.
2013, Mental shake, OTOROKU ROKU010. Brötzmann/Adasiewicz/Edwards/Noble.
2013, Fractions, No Business Records NBLP83. Stefan Keune/Dominic Lash/Steve Noble.
2014, Night in Europe, No Business Records NBCD78. Martin Küchen/Johan Berthling/Steve Noble.
2015, PEN, Dropa Disc #004. Parker/Edwards/Noble.

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