King Übü Örchestrü

Little recorded large group that concentrates on textures, subtle interplay and an almost complete negation of the individual and traditional rhythmic or riff elements in producing, for the most part, a quietly busy modern music. Truly European in membership. While the instrumentation is equally varied, the group interplay and overall control ensures that it is frequently difficult to determine who is doing what with whom. Moments of more usual sounds are emitted by all players on different occasions, a particulaly pleasing one being the start of Translation#3 (Binaurality) which fleetingly combines typical Lytton percussion with a bowed bass line reminiscent of the theme music from Jaws. Principle organiser, Wolfgang Fuchs.


1984, Music is music is..., Uhlklang UK-6 (FMP subsid).
1992, Binaurality, FMP CD49.
1998, Trigger zone, FMP CD117.
2003, The concert: live at Total Music Meeting 2003, a/l/l 008.

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