Though these web pages have been created by me, the initial spur for them came from two sources: the excellent work done by Joe Germuska on the JazzWeb and a number of stimulating discussions in 1994 on jazz and improvised music available on the newsgroup The germ of the idea was discussed with Patrice Roussel - who was kind enough not to suggest it was a load of rubbish - and subsequently with Evan Parker, Barry Guy and Maya Homburger. But it was Phil England of the LMC who called my bluff asking for further details to put in the LMC Diary when there was actually nothing to show. Thanks, Phil!

In the 15 months since the project was started, many people have given of their time, encouragement and information, particularly most of the musicians and record companies who are represented here. I wish to thank them all for giving me not only information but, more importantly, that most valuable commodity, time; coupled with patience. But in particular I would especially like to acknowledge the contributions from Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Tony Oxley and Mark Wastell. A special thank you, as well, to Lê Quan Ninh for providing the vital openings to the French scene, for being an excellent and responsive correspondent, and for getting coverage of what I'm trying to do into the French specialist press. And where would I be without Steve Berman's timely updates for the German diary; long may he have time to continue posting me the information.

Of course, not all the work represented here is mine and I would particularly like to thank Richard Shapiro for allowing me to mount his marvellous Derek Bailey discography on this site.

On the local front I received a great deal of start-up support from Verity Brack, the CWIS Officer at the University, checking links and things, but above all trying to work out a scheme for handling my recondite Macintosh filenames in the daunting face of DOS.

Peter Stubley, 16 May 1996.

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