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All mp3 samples on the site are legal; they are included here with the permission of the musicians and/or the record labels. Some are complete tracks while others are extracts. Samples are only included once and so audio clips of some musicians may be found other than just under their own name; a scan down the second column will pick these up easily.

Derek Bailey
Six fairly early pieces (extract) Solo Emanem CD 4027: Fairly early with postscripts1:04 mins1.0 MB
20% extra free (extract) Solo Emanem CD 4027: Fairly early with postscripts0:46 mins0.8 MB
Track 9 (complete) Duo w/ Han BenninkIncus CD 35: Air mail special2:03 mins1.8 MB

Han Bennink
Donnerwetter (extract) Solo Data 823: Tempo comodo2:20 mins2.1 MB

Steve Beresford/Pat Thomas/Veryan Weston
FLAxman (complete) Beresord, Thomas, Weston Emanem CD 4064: 3 pianos3.36 mins5.5 MB
BERmondsey (complete) Beresord, Thomas, Weston Emanem CD 4064: 3 pianos3.36 mins5.3 MB

John Butcher
Multitracks (NEW!) Solo overdubbed Unreleased4:05 mins4.9 MB
The ice trade (extract 1) Duo w/ Phil Durrant Wobbly Rail 006: Secret measures1:57 mins1.7 MB
Facula (complete) Duo w/ Georg Gräwe nuscope 1004: Light's view1:57 mins1.8 MB
Heavy merge (extract) w/ Durrant, Russell Emanem CD 4029: The scenic route2:35 mins2.3 MB

Kent Carter
Woodworks (extract) Duo w/ Albrecht Maurer Emanem CD 4033: The Juillaguet Collection1:27 mins1.3 MB

Lol Coxhill
Second rare duet (extract) Duo w/ Wishart Emanem CD 4034: Alone and together1:14 mins1.1 MB
Les folies d'ossette (extract) Duo w/ MattosEmanem CD 4034: Alone and together1:33 mins1.4 MB

Simon H. Fell
Xe (extract) VHF: trio w/ Halliwell, Vincent Erstwhile 001: Extracts2:25 mins2.2 MB

Erhard Hirt
Live (extract) Solo NUR/NICHT/NUR 100 01 15: 25.5.19962:08 mins2.1 MB

Iskra 1903
Improvisation 7 (complete) Rutherford, Guy, Bailey Emanem CD 4301: Chapter one 1970-19724:34 mins6.6 MB
Offcut 3 (complete) Rutherford, Guy, Bailey Emanem CD 4301: Chapter one 1970-19724:09 mins1.45 MB

Martin Küchen
Paragraphs for listeners I (complete) Solo Highspeedart CDR: Sing with your mouth shut3:17 mins3.1 MB
Paragraphs for listeners III (complete) Solo Highspeedart CDR: Sing with your mouth shut2:07 mins2 MB

Evan Parker
The spider's web (extract) Strings with Evan Parker Emanem CD 4302: Strings with Evan Parker4:22 mins6 MB
The Ghost series 2 (complete) Strings without Evan Parker Emanem CD 4302: Strings with Evan Parker4:20 mins6.3 MB
Drawn inward (extract) Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble ECM CD 1693: Drawn inward2:27 mins2.2 MB
Dark interior (extract) w/ Rutherford, Schneider, Lytton Emanem CD 4030: Waterloo 19852:43 mins2.4 MB
Foxes fox (extract) w/ Beresford, Edwards, MoholoEmanem CD 4035: Foxes fox2:21 mins2.1 MB

Hans Reichel
In harmony with Henry the horse (complete) Solo Rastascan BRD016: Lower lurum2:04 mins2.1 MB
Hohou speaks (complete) SoloRastascan BRD016: Lower lurum1:49 mins1.8 MB

Michael Renkel
Möwen und moos (extract) Activity Center (w/ Burkhard Beins) 2:13 CD008/9: Möwen und moos2:03 mins2.5 MB
Möwen und moos remix (extract) Activity Center (w/ Burkhard Beins) 2:13 CD014: Möwen und moos remix2:01 mins2.5 MB
Errorköper for electric guitar, FX processor and notebook (extract) solo Unreleased1:48 mins2.2 MB

Keith Rowe
Very (extract) Solo GROB CD 209: Harsh, guitar solo4:07 mins4.9 MB

John Russell
Before long (extract) w/ Altena, Day Emanem CD 4036: The fairly young bean2:49 mins2.5 MB

Ian Smith
Blás (complete) w/ Marshall, Brand, Weston Emanem CD 4059: Daybreak4:58 mins7.2 MB
Sometimes (complete) Duo Bailey/Weston (no Smith) Emanem CD 4059: Daybreak4:09 mins6.0 MB

Roger Smith
Summer afternoon sequence I (extract) Solo Emanem CD 4032: Extended plays2:07 mins1.9 MB

Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Immediate past fragment (complete) Stevens w/ Coombes, Wood, Smith Emanem CD 4031: Low profile2:23 mins2.1 MB

Veryan Weston
Longer piece (extract) w/ Edwards, Sanders Emanem CD 4028: Mercury concert2:06 mins1.9 MB

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