30HZCD15 Largely live in Hartlepool and Manchester

Jah Wobble & Deep Space

Jah Wobble, bass, Hammond organ, guitar; Clive Bell, flute, Indian flute, Thai pi saw flute, Turkish sipsi, stereo goathorns, khene, melodica, Indian chanter, Cretan pipes (all tracks except CD TWO, 4); Jean-Pierre Rasle, bagpipes, recorder, cornemuse, crumhorn, rauschpfeife (all tracks except ONE, 1; TWO, 4); Mark Sanders, drums (all tracks except ONE, 1); Chris Cookson, guitar (tracks ONE, 2-5); Graham Clark, guitar (tracks TWO, 1-3); Steve Beresford, electronics, small items (tracks TWO, 4-5); Neil Sparks, finger cymbals (tracks TWO, 4-5).

    Disc ONE:
  1. Manchester (03.58)
  2. They were planning murder (21.59)
  3. As thick as thieves (11.48)
  4. Rimshot (13.56)
  5. Forgetting myself (18.00)
    Disc TWO:
  1. Hartlepool (17.13)
  2. Liquid (15.24)
  3. Space (03.46)
  4. The sides of tall buildings (10.03)
  5. Slow (09.14)
Tracks ONE, 1 recorded at Intimate Studio on 31 January 2001; tracks ONE, 2-5 recorded at Band on the wall, Manchester on 7 April 2000; tracks TWO, 1-3 recorded at The Studio, Hartlepool on 8 December 2000; tracks TWO, 4-5 recorded at Intimate on 1 February 2001.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) of British Steel works at Redcar by Dermot Blackburn; sleeve design by Mark Lampitt.

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