absinthRecords 004 London strings

Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Phil Durrant/Mark Wastell

Angharad Davies, prepared violin; Rhodri Davies, harp, ebows; John Wall, harp (CD 2); Taku Unami, harp (CD 2); Jonathan Dunstan, harp (CD 2); Phil Durrant, violin; Mark Wastell, double bass, Nepalese singing bowls.

    CD 1: Angharad Davies
  1. Tri swn [in memory of Charles-André Linale] (17.21)
  2. Recorded in Norwich on 23 February 2004
    CD 2: Rhodri Davies
  1. Perdereau (15.11)
  2. Composition for one harp and eight hands (John Wall, Taku Unami, Jonathan Dunstan, RD); recorded in London on 16 March 2004
    CD 3: Phil Durrant
  1. Almost (19.21)
  2. Recorded on 21 April 2004 at LMC Sound, London
    CD 4: Mark Wastell
  1. For John Entwistle 1944-2002 (21.22)
  2. Recorded on 23 February 2004 at the Old School, Norfolk
Cover design and production (reproduced above) by Marcus Liebig,

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