Acta 1 Conceits

John Russell/Phil Durrant/John Butcher

John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Phil Durrant, acoustic violin and trombone, John Russell, acoustic plectrum guitar.

How it was (02.20), F.T.T. (02.25), The skelloch (01.48), No parallax (02.05), Rough (03.05), Liberal dose [audi alteram partem] (06.15), Fine sharp and Leighton Buzzard (03.10), Pen or pencil (02.30), Interstices (03.10), Tumble (04.02), From the eggs to the apples (05.40).

Recorded at South Hill Park Studio on 29 April 1987.

All compositions by Butcher, Durrant, and Russell.

Cover (reproduced above) from a painting by Jamie Muir.

Issued as LP only (now virtually unobtainable).

But re-issue on Emanem CD 5036 in June 2015.

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