Acta 5 Cultural baggage

Chris Burn's Ensemble

JIm Denley, flute; John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones; Stevie Wishart, violin and hurdy gurdy; Phil Durrant, violin; Marcio Mattos, cello; John Russell, acoustic guitar; Chris Burn, piano; Matt Hutchinson, synthesizer and electronics.

Influence and concealment (08.04), Funforall (13.55), Korg Boyle and the four dwarves (07.10), Fissile totems (11.12), Hang-on (03.10), Nuthatch forage (09.08), Igor's anvil (05.14), A must in silk (05.17).

Recorded at Gateway Studios Kingston Polytechnic on 11/12 August 1990.

Cover (reproduced above) from 'The Diplomat' by Leslie Glasgow.

'The octet 'Ensemble' was formed in 1984 with the object of finding stimulating and satisfying ways of making music with a large number of improvising musicians. One of our approaches to group improvisation is to work within pre-determined structures. Very early on in the group's history I began to compose such pieces, giving ideas about perspective, internal groupings or occasionally directing more specific events to occur. Equally important for the group are pieces that are freely improvised, some of an intentionally short duration.

It is the responses of the individual musicians, both to each other and to the ways of working mentioned above that are the greatest factors in shaping the music of Ensemble.

Each musician brings to the group an individual, often unique playing style born of an experience of a wide range of music. With musicians from three continents, the sifting through of cultural inheritance and indigineous musics contributes yet another element to the shape of this multifarious music.'

Chris Burn, November 1990.

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