Bruce's Fingers BF 27 Composition No. 30: Compilation III for improvisers, bigband and chamber ensemble

Simon H. Fell

Nikki Dyer, piccolo/flute; Sam Koczy, oboe; Becky Smith, clarinet; Charles Wharf, contrabass clarinet; Jeremy Webster, bassoon; Jon Halton, contrabassoon; John Butcher, soprano sax/tenor sax; Carl Raven, soprano sax/clarinet; Simon Willescroft, alto sax; Hayley Cornick, alto sax/flute; Mick Beck, tenor sax; Katy Hird, tenor sax; Alan Wilkinson, baritone sax; Jo Luckhurst, baritone sax/ bass clarinet; Gary Farr, trumpet; Tom Rees-Roberts, trumpet; Joanne Baker, trumpet; David Tollington, french horn; Tim Page, french horn; Paul Wright, trombone; Carol Jarvis, trombone; Matthew Harrison, trombone; Andrew M. Oliver, tuba; Irene Lifke, violin; Mark Wastell, cello; Matthew Wilkes, cello; Kate Hurst, cello; Justin Quinn, acoustic guitar; Stefan Jaworzyn, electric guitar; Colin Medlock, electric guitar; Damien Bowskill, electric guitar; Andrew Stewart, electric guitar; Rhodri Davies, harp; Thanea Stevens, dulcichord; Fardijah Freedman, harpsichord; Guy Avern, piano/bass guitar; James Cuthill, prepared piano; Orphy Robinson, vibes; John Preston, double bass; Simon H. Fell, harpsichord/prepared piano/double bass; Paul Hession, drumset; Mark Sanders, drums.

    Disc one:
  1. Part 1: Prelude, swing & variations (12.47)
  2. Part 2: Klangfarbenmelodie (12.03)
  3. Part 3: Blues (09.20)
  4. Construct 1 (03.17)
  5. Construct 2 (01.22)
  6. Quartet (06.29)
  7. Construct 3 (08.47)
  8. Part 4: Rhythm (11.04)
  9. Interlude (03.47)

    Disc two:

  10. Part 5: Guitar (06:53)
  11. Construct 4 (06:36)
  12. Construct 5 (10:11)
  13. Construct 6 (07:01)
  14. Trio (03:06)
  15. Part 6: Chord Progression (22:30)
Recorded January to April 1998.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jo Fell; layout and design by Simon H. Fell.

Available on double CD only.

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