AIAI 009 Sketches of probability

Tristan Honsinger This That and the Other

Katie Duck, dance, voice; Rick Parets, actor, voice; Peggy Larson, voice; Sean Bergin, alto saxophone, flute, voice; Tobias Delius, tenor saxophone, voice; Augusto Forti, clarinet, voice; Tristan Honsinger, cello, voice; Joe Williamson, bass; Alan 'Gunga' Purves, percussion, voice.

  1. Fly and see (01.42)
  2. Television (16.40)
  3. Waltz, fantasies and traffic (05.35)
  4. Museum (04.19)
  5. Wind (02.09)
  6. Ethicologic (19.37)
Recorded 7 to 11 May 1996 during the AngelicA Festival Internazionale di Musica, Sesta Edizione, at Bologna.

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