DIW 456 What are you talking about?

Tristan Honsinger/Toshinori Kondo/Peter Kowald/Sabu Toyozumi

Tristan Honsinger, cello, voice; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet, voice, Chinese oboe; Peter Kowald, bass, voice; Sabu Toyozumi, drums, voice.

  1. From time to time (02.59)
  2. Waking (03.00)
  3. Out the back door (03.36)
  4. What are you talking about? (03.59)
  5. Fried rice field in the summer night (06.05)
  6. When Steve comes to Tokyo (03.08)
  7. Sasafrakiboo (03.49)
  8. Can Can Street (03.26)
  9. Bitter sweet (07.14)
  10. Fish song (02.27)
Recorded on 24/25 May 1983 at Chestnut Studio in Suzuka Mountain, Japan.

Cover illustration (reproduced above) by Tetsu Nishi; video by Moon Shiner Video Service.

Originally issued on LP as IMA 003/DIW 1119.

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