Durian 005-2 Diphtongs

Christian Mühlbacher/Werner Dafeldecker

Uli Fussenegger, bass; Lars Lindvall, trumpet; Radu Malfatti, trombone, zither; Ernesto Molinari, clarinets; Pinguin Moschner, tuba; Michael Moser, cello; Christian Mühlbacher, percussion; Max Nagl, alto saxophone; Andi Schreiber, violin; Burkhard Stangl, guitars.

  1. Cadmium [EM/CM/BS] (07.01)
  2. Caesium [RM] (03.23)
  3. Calcium [RM/EM/MM/CM/AS/BS] (04.41)
  4. Californium [UF/EM/MM/MN/AS] (03.49)
  5. Carbon [EM/PM/] (02.15)
  6. Cerium [LL/RM/PM/CM/MN/BS] (06.07)
  7. Chlorine [RM/EM/CM/AS/BS] (05.17)
  8. Chromium [UF/EM/PM] (02.26)
  9. Cobalt [PM/MM] (04.36)
  10. Copper [UF/RM/CM/MN] (04.00)
  11. Curium [EM/CM] (02.45)
  12. Tungsten [EM/MM] (03.54)
'Christian Mühlbacher and Werner Dafeldecker asked improvisers to play one solo each. Out of those ten soli which were all played completely independently from each other the composers produced collages on the computer, the so-called 'diphtongs'. They selected, interrupted, thought, set different tunes together, decided on the dramaturgy, and thus formed pieces of music. Care and accuracy seem to have been the most important criteria. Each player is allowed plenty of space, the subtle interplay between foreground and background characterizes the individual parts.'

Recorded between March and August 1994 at CSC, Vienna, Austria.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Kraner und Hofmann; lettering by Tom Rengelshausen.

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