Emanem 4001 Domestic & public pieces

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, guitars, amplified guitars, talk, etc.

Eight public pieces: First (02.29), Second (08.45), Third (06.12), Fourth (01.28), Fifth (02.34), Sixth (02.22), Seventh (02.20), Eighth (02.27).

Recorded ICA Cinema, London, 22 May 1975.

Eight domestic pieces: Kew (02.50), Unity Theatre (02.57), Roots (02.13), Queue (07.13), Cue (04.36), Virginal (05.59), Praxis (04.01), The lost chord (01.43).

Recorded in London, January 1976.

Happy birthday to you (05.31).

Recorded London March 1977.

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Seventh, Kew, Unity Theatre, Roots, Queue, and Cue previously released as Quark 9999 in US. Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Happy birthday to you previously released on Emanem Australian LP 3404, in whose tradition?; Virginal, Praxis and The lost chord previously released on Caroline C1518, Guitar solos.

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