Emanem 4041 Enter the continent

Masashi Harada Condanction Ensemble

Greg Kelley, trumpet; Tucker Dulin, trombone; Christian Pincock, trombone (tracks 8, 9); Eric Carlson, tuba (tracks 1-7); Bhob Rainey, soprano saxophone; Aleta Cole, violin (tracks 1-7); Dan Levin, cello (tracks 1-7); Mike Bullock, double bass; Phil Tomasic, electric guitar; Masashi Harada, condanction; (voice and percussion performed by the ensemble).

  1. Kropotkin vs Huxley (12.48)
  2. Voices (02.23)
  3. Giacinto (08.06)
  4. Clarity beneath the cloud (07.59)
  5. Expulsion of the triumphant beast (13.26)
  6. The whipping or string of lava (05.55)
  7. Cut off (05.11)
  8. Tomasic concerto (03.10)
  9. Bells (14.07)
Recorded on 14 December 1999 in 7A West Studio, Boston.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Masashi Harada.

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