Emanem 4084 Domino concept for orchestra

Markus Eichenberger

Marianne Schuppe, voice; Dorothea Schürch, voice; Carlos Baumann, trumpet; Paul Hubweber, trombone; Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba; Markus Eichenberger, clarinets; Dirk Marwedel, extended saxophones; Helmut Bieler-Wendt, violin; Charlotte Hug, viola; Peter K Frey, double bass; Daniel Studer, double bass; Frank Rühl, electric guitar; Ivano Torre, percussion.
    Domino 13/01
  1. Part I (12.08)
  2. Part II (09.18)
  3. Part III (16.10)
  4. Part IV (08.15)
  5. Part V (05.51)
  6. Part VI (07.17)
Recorded at DRS Zürich (Studio 2) on 1-3 April 2001. Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Linda Luise Eichenberger.
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