Emanem 4104 Line Ish

Tony Bianco/Dave Liebman/Tony Marino

Tony Bianco, drums; Dave Liebman, soprano and tenor saxophones, wooden flute, piano; Tony Marino, double bass.
  1. Line ish: part one (14.33)
  2. Bass interlude (04.02)
  3. Line ish: part two (13.33)
  4. Sax interlude (02.13)
  5. Line ish: part three (08.42)
  6. Group interlude (04.45)
  7. Cymbal interlude (01.48)
  8. Line ish: part four (11.13)
Recorded in September 2003 at Red Rock Studio, Saylorsburg, PA.

Front cover drawing (reproduced above) by Chris Muzzio.

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