Emanem 4108 Enterprising mass of cilia

Masashi Harada Condanction Ensemble

Greg Kelley, trumpet; Bhob Rainey, soprano saxophone; Aleta Cole, violin; Frederic Viger, viola; Glynis Lomon, cello; Vic Rawlings, cello, electronics; Mike Bullock, double bass; Jonathan Vincent, accordion; James Coleman, theremin; Tatsuya Nakatani, percussion; Masashi Harada, condanction, voice.
  1. Spools (07.27)
  2. Enterprising mass of cilia (12.33)
  3. Procession of echo (03.06)
  4. Physio-mechanical pulse (02.43)
  5. A room (03.02)
  6. Sprouting self-similarity (05.05)
  7. Element of resistance (13.46)
  8. Distance propitiate (11.47)
  9. Fleeting despot (06.33)
Recorded on 17 March 2001 in 7A West Studio, Boston.

Front cover (reproduced above) by Masashi Harada.

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