Emanem 4112 The Geographers

Clive Bell/Sylvia Hallett

Clive Bell, Cretan pipes, harmonica, khene, pi saw, shakuhachi, stereo goathorns, whirling bat drum; Sylvia Hallett, anklung, bicycle wheel, electronics, mbira, sarangi, saw, viola, violin, voice.
  1. Shrugging into spring (09.01)
  2. Flying on the landing (05.56)
  3. With the book propped against the horse's mane (05.48)
  4. The weald (12.48)
  5. Birthmarks (01.08)
  6. Tantamount (06.46)
  7. The sweet potato festival at Fudomae (07.20)
  8. Notes to the milkman (02.57)
  9. Rolls over the plain (04.31)
  10. Love for shale (04.57)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 17 July 2004.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Kazuko Hohki; remaining design by Martin Davidson.

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