Emanem 4116 The ins and outs

Free Base

Alan Wilkinson, alto and baritone saxophones, voice; Marcio Mattos, double bass, electronics; Steve Noble, percussion.
  1. Trepid (09.14)
  2. Sea frett (05.53)
  3. Absolute xero (13.25)
  4. Skzypce (06.41)
  5. Kissing the shuttle (10.12)
  6. Soup song (07.13)
  7. I wak on (for John Lester) (07.51)
  8. Sortie (10.56)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 2 September 2003.

Front cover image (reproduced above) by Gina Southgate; design by Alan Wilkinson and Martin Davidson.

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