Emanem 4123 Caesura

Roland Ramanan

Roland Ramanan, trumpet, wooden flutes; Marcio Mattos, cello, electronics; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Mark Sanders, percussion.

  1. Bloom's blues (10.45)
  2. i No em (07.35)
  3. Marcel Duchamp [SHF solo] (07.37)
  4. One sty bone (07.22)
  5. In a different circle of (06.33)
  6. Post part [MM/SHF duo] (05.14)
  7. Gardener in the graveyard (10.09)
  8. Waiting for en and en (06.34)
Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 15 September 2003.

Front cover (reproduced above) design by Brian Holmes.

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