Emanem 4132 Senilità

Milo Fine/Viv Corringham

Milo Fine, B-flat (electronics), alto clarinet, marimba (electronics), voice; Viv Corringham, voice; Charles Gillett, electric guitar (tracks 3-6); Davu Seru, percussion (tracks 3-6).

  1. Pajaros de cuenta (10.53)
  2. The virulent certainty of ignorance (10.56)
  3. The outermost plank (23.38)
  4. Black America (08.02)
  5. The unswerving punctuality of chance (09.22)
  6. The salamder departs (09.43)
Recorded on 14 June 2005 at Acadia Cabaret Theater, Minneapolis.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Amy Myrbo; design by Martin Davidson.

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