Emanem 4139 Freedom of the city 2006

Various musicians

    Chefa Alonso, soprano saxophone; David Leahy, double bass; Javier Carmona, drum set, percussion:
  1. Cháchara (26.12)

  2. Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, voice; Adelheid Sieuw, flutes, voice; Jan Huib Nas, guitar; Guy Strale, clarinet, piano, percussion:
  3. Okgnig I (17.29)

  4. Garry Todd, tenor saxophone; Nigel Coombes, violin; Nick Stephens, double bass; Tony Marsh, drum set:
  5. Stipple (32.12)
Recorded at the Freedom of the City festival, Red Rose, London on 30 April 2006.

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