Emanem 4146 Everything that disappears

Grosse Abfahrt

Tom Djll, trumpet, pocket cornet, preparations; Matt Ingalls, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet; Frédèric Blondy, piano; John Shiurba, electric guitar (not on 2); George Cremaschi, double bass, electronics; Lê Quan Ninh, surrounded bass drum; John Bischoff, electronics (not on 2); Tim Perkis, electronics (not on 2); Gino Robair, energised surfaces, voltage made audible.

  1. The lack Americans connected What disappears (10.01)
  2. negativity paradox achieved in humour realm (10.22)
  3. Admittedly, social relations This (14.53)
  4. geometric undulating driveway symmetrical, all the road of masters (38.48)
Recorded at Mills College Ensemble Room, Oakland on 13 March 2007.

Album and track titles take from America by Jean Baudrillard.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Martin Davidson and Tom Djll.

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