Emanem 4203 Spectral soprano

Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, soprano & tenor saxophones, etc with various other musicians.
    Disc A:
  1. Autumn in New York (03:35) with piano, bass & drums; recorded 1954
  2. Bad boy (02:45) Tony Knight's Chessmen [LC, tenor saxophone; Tony Brown, lead vocal, drums; John Gummer, baritone saxophone; Terry Martin, bass guitar, vocals; Jeff Reed, organ]; recorded 1964.
  3. Strictly legal (02:45) soprano saxophone solo; recorded 1996 in a disused warehouse, Shepherd's Bush, London.
  4. Vermilion sands (07:47) with Paul Schütze, electronics, treatments; recorded 1996, Spitalfields, London.
  5. Not the North (04:00) with Steve Miller, piano; recorded 1996 at Herts Music Centre, Hatfield.
  6. Three go to Letchworth (02:51) with Bruce Turner, alto saxophone; Dave Green, bass; recorded late 1980s at the Playhouse, Letchworth.
  7. Embraceable you/Quasimodo (05:59) with Veryan Weston, electronic keyboard; recorded 1997 at Cave Douze, Geneva.
  8. Union dues (03:35) with Pat Thomas, keyboards, samples; recorded 1997 at Changes, Union Tavern, King's Cross, London
  9. Turned out nice again (08:09) with Lu Edmonds, fretless three-stringed bass banjo; recorded 1998 at Benny's Bar, Bayswater, London.
  10. Happy birthday Bob Cobbing (02:01) Birdyak (with Bob Cobbing, voice, bhodran; Hugh Metcalf, guitar, voice; Jennifer Pike, birthday presence); recorded 1998 at Sally O'Briens, Peckham, London.
  11. I thought about you (13:11) with Stu Butterfield, drums; Veryan Weston, piano; Olly Blanchflower, bass; recorded 1997 at Changes, Kings Head, Crouch End, London.
  12. Aquaslide (00:57) underwater slide saxophone solo; recorded 1996 in Copenhagen.
  13. Experiments with temperature (02:19) with Colin Wood, cello; David G Holland, piano; recorded late 1980s at Spectro Arts, Newcastle.
  14. Two out of three (08:55) with Dave Green, bass; recorded 1998 at The Vortex, Stoke Newington, London.
  15. Messin' with the man (01:54) Tony Knight's Chessmen; recorded 1964.
    Disc B:
  1. A brief introduction to sax (01:08) soprano saxophone solo with voice; recorded early 1990s in Hull
  2. Magic buffalo (06:41) overdubbed saxophones & piano; recorded in 1986 at Pathway Studios, London.
  3. Uptown top ranking (04:10) with Pat Thomas, keyboards; John Edwards, bass; Steve Noble, drums; recorded in 1999 in Steve Noble's basement and Dave Hunt's Studio, London.
  4. Perdido (02:11) with Pete Kempster, trumpet; Peter Love, bass; Jeff Griffin, drums; recorded in 1954 at the Hop Pole, Aylesbury.
  5. Out of nowhere (01:21) with piano, bass & drums; recorded in 1954 in London.
  6. Brits abroad (06:25) The Recedents [LC; Mike Cooper, slide guitar, electronics; Roger Turner, drums, percussion]; recorded in 1996 in Vancouver.
  7. Tourism in crisis (02:16) with Steve Miller, electric piano; recorded in 1973 at Sussex College, Farmer.
  8. Verstehen und sprechen (02:03) with Colin Wood, cello; Laurie Allen, drums; recorded late 1970s at Educational Studios, London.
  9. Murder in the air (08:49) with Veryan Weston, electronic keyboards; Rik Rue, sampler; recorded in 1997 at Cave Douze, Geneva.
  10. Sweet Hawaiian kisses (08:04) The Melody Four [LC; Steve Beresford, piano, vocal; Tony Coe, clarinet, vocal]; recorded in 1990 at Portikus, Frankfurt/M.
  11. Victory walk (02:45) with Dave Green, bass; Bruce Turner, alto saxophone; Paul Rutherford, euphonium; recorded in 1987 at Porcupine Studios, London.
  12. C.A.K (02:34) with Knut Aufermann, 'glove', live sampling, processing, mix-down; Michael Kosmides, theremins; recorded in 1999 at LMC Studios, London.
  13. Resonance (05:35) with John Edwards, bass, voice; recorded in 1998 on the South Bank, London.
  14. Introduction to the orchestra (09:46) London Improvisers Orchestra [Matt Davis, trumpet; Roland Ramanan, trumpet; Franz Hautzinger, 1/4 tone trumpet; Ian Smith flugelhorn; Donald Manson, trombone; Annie Whitehead, trombone; Neil Metcalfe flute; Terry Day, homemade reed instruments; Alex Ward clarinet; Harrison Smith bass clarinet; Evan Parker soprano saxophone; Caroline Kraabel alto saxophone; Nigel Coombes violin; Philipp Wachsmann violin; Mark Wastell, cello; John Edwards double bass; Simon H Fell double bass; Rhodri Davies harp; Veryan Weston, piano; Ansuman Biswas, percussion; Steve Noble percussion; Adam Bohman amplified objects; Orphy Robinson, marimba] conducted by Steve Beresford; recorded in 1999 at the Red Rose Club, Finsbury Park, London.
Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Bridget Jones.
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