Emanem 5007 Vanity

Grosse Abfahrt

Tom Djll, trumpet, preparations, electronics; Matt Ingalls, clarinet, bass clarinet; Matthieu Werchowski, viola, violin; Theresa Wong, cello; David Chiesa, double bass; John Shiurba, electric guitar; Tim Perkis, electronics; Gino Robair, energised surfaces, voltage made audible.

  1. Sportsman's paradise music LA (00.59)
  2. Mo Frippy (02.31)
  3. Hi L8R Bra (02.46)
  4. Hang Bat5 over (10.52)
  5. CA Mirror (12.30)
  6. Cthlhu kids first (01.39)
  7. Zoundz - Yours to discover (01.46)
  8. May Cal OKnotok (01.59)
  9. Kablamo (08.03)
  10. Live free or die Delphi2 (16.37)
Recorded at 21 Grand Gallery, Oakland on 23 April 2008.

Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Tom Djll; design by Martin Davidson and Tom Djll.

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