Emanem 5043 Goodbye Red Rose!

Tony Marsh/Chefa Alonso

Tony Marsh, percussion; Chefa Alonso, soprano saxophone.

  1. Goodbye Red Rose (Adiós Red Rose) (12.14)
  2. By the hand (de la mano) (05.44)
  3. FlimFlam one (FlimFlam uno) (09.51)
  4. No es un truco (It is not a trick) (09.03)
  5. Frusleria tres (FlimFlam three) (15.57)
  6. Huesca (not Wesker) (15.26)
Tracks 1, 2 recorded at Mopomoso, The Red Rose, London on 20 January 2008; tracks 3-5 at FlimFlam, Ryan's bar, London on 30 July 2008; and track 6 at Matadero Cultural Center, Huesca, Spain on 29 January 2009.

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Sylvie Borel; design by Martin Davidson.

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