Emanem 5201 69/70

People band

Mel Davis, piano, organ, trombone, voice (not A9, B1); Terry Day, drums, percussion, alto saxophone, bamboo flute; Lyn Dobson, flute (B3 only); Eddie Edem, congas, trumpet (not A1-8, B1); Tony Edwards, drums, percussion (not B1); Mike Figgis, flugelhorn, acoustic guitar (not B1, B2); Russell Hardy, flute, penny whistle, bamboo reed pipe (B3 only); Terry Holman, baritone saxophone (B2, B3); George Khan, saxophones, flute, drums, electric guitar (not B1); Rose Widdison, clarinet (not A9, B1); Albert Kovitz, clarinet, bass clarinet (not A9); Davey Payne, saxophones, flute; Paul Jolly, saxophones, bass clarinet; Michael O'Dwyer (Spoon), tenor saxophone (A1-A8); Adam Hart, piano, organ, trombone (A1-A8); Charlie Hart, double bass, electric guitar; Iain Jacobs, alto saxophone (A9, B2, B3); Butch Potter, electric guitar, electric bass (A9); Geoffrey Prowse, one-string Thing-a-Phone with extended horn (B3).
    CD A
  1. Soho studio 1 (10.38)
  2. Soho studio 2 (05.38)
  3. Soho studio 3 (10.52)
  4. Soho studio 4 (14.06)
  5. Soho studio 5 (04.47)
  6. Soho studio 6 (02.27)
  7. Soho studio 7 (04.02)
  8. Soho studio 8 (04.01)
  9. The house of music (08.06)
    CD B
  1. Paradiso (23.40)
  2. In the woods (23.21)
  3. In the woods again (15.57)
A1-8 recorded at Gooseberry Studios, Gerrard Street, London, circa 1969/70; A9 possibly recorded at Mel Davis' house, Palmers Green, London circa 1969/70; B1 recorded at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 11 March 1970; B2/3 recorded in the woods at Trent Park, north of London circa 1969.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) of Davey Payne and Terry Day in Holland by Iain Jacobs.

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