Emanem 5211 Ah!

George Khan

George Khan, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone, flute; Terry Day, percussion, alto saxophone (except B3, B4); Albert Kovitz, clarinet (A2); Peter Lemer, piano (A2); Frank Flowers, double bass (A2); Charlie Hart, electric bass, violin (B1, B2).

    CD A
  1. Battling the sound (33.06)
  2. At the Hornsey sit-in 1 (20.42)
  3. At the Hornsey sit-in 2 (16.04)
    CD B
  1. Trio in Unity 1 (28.11)
  2. Trio in Unity 2 (29.46)
  3. Mopomoso flute solo (08.11)
  4. Mopomoso baritone solo (06.47)
All concerts locations in London; A1 recorded at the LMC, circa 1980; A2-A3 recorded at Hornsey College of Art & Crafts, May 1968; B1-B2 recorded at the Musicians Co-op at Unity Theatre, possibly 6 May 1975; B3-B4 recorded at Mopomoso at the Red Rose, possibly 2005.

Overall design (front cover reproduced above) by Martin Davidson.

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