Erstwhile Records 014 dach

Phil Durrant/Thomas Lehn/Radu Malfatti

Phil Durrant, violin; Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer; Radu Malfatti, trombone.

  1. dach (56.57): a continuous performance with four track separations

Recorded on 2 May 1999 at Kaleidophon festival, Ulrichsberg, Austria.

Front cover photography (reproduced above) by Olga Dafeldecker.

Press release from Erstwhile: March 2001

Radu Malfatti has been a major presence in the European free improv scene since the early seventies. He's been a member of such stellar bands as the Brotherhood of Breath, the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, and the King Übü Örchestrü, as well as countless small groups. Since the early nineties, Malfatti has focused solely on developing a unique style of superspare, tranquil music, both in his compositions and his improvisations.

Phil Durrant has worked in a wide range of settings, in bands such as Lunge and Ticklish, and in acoustic and electroacoustic projects with John Butcher. While Durrant is an expert with live electronics, here he performs exclusively on his original instrument, the violin. Thomas Lehn's unique analogue synthesizer skills have made him one of the most prominent figures on the European festival circuit, in bands such as Konk Pack and Toot, as well as in duos with Gerry Hemingway and Marcus Schmickler, both of which have previously been documented on Erstwhile. Both Durrant and Lehn are integral members of the all-star MIMEO electronic orchestra.

dach (German for roof) is the second disc by this trio, following beinhaltung (Fringes), and is a live recording from the 1999 Kaleidophon festival in Ulrichsberg, Austria. dach is an environmental improv record, in the tradition of Derek Bailey/Min Tanaka-Music And Dance (Revenant). Only the rain falling on the white plastic roof is audible as the performance begins. As the sun gradually emerges, warming the roof's metal supports, the creaking and cracking roof becomes a fourth sound source for the remainder of the performance. The artwork is composed entirely of photos of the venue, primarily of the roof, as captured by Olga Dafeldecker. dach occupies the zone between silence and sound, forcing the listener into a state of hyperawareness.

"Having released the first cd by this trio, I was very curious to see how far they could, excited, sad (for not being there at the concert), and a bit jealous (for not releasing this one too!!!). Pure, simple and extremely complex all at once, with an attention and care to details and dynamics that leaves me amazed. Yes, I already have one title for my 'best of 2001' lists!" - Giuseppe Ielasi.

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