FMP 0400 Erdmännchen: 6 pieces for 2 guitars

Hans Reichel/Achim Knispel

Hans Reichel, guitar; Achim Knispel, guitar.

  1. Yeti (07:30)
  2. Something Like What (07:05)
  3. Erdmännchen plus water-cock (09:00)
  4. Bastard (08:43)
  5. Germurmel andGeknispel (07:12)
  6. Rainy Day Waltz (07:24)
The music is heard as it was played (no pedals, no overdubbinbs, no echoes, no tricks). Recorded in Wuppertal on 11-13, June 1977.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Hans Reichel (at the Wuppertal Zoo).

Many thanks to David Keffer for providing all this information.

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