FMP 0540 The early quintet

Manfred Schoof

Manfred Schoof, trumpet; Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone; Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano, etc; Buschi Niebergall, bass; Jaki Liebezeit, drums, Sven-Åke Johansson, drums (tracks 5 and 6 only).

  1. Axiom (04.23)
  2. Ingredience Nr. 2 (07.08)
  3. Inri (07.18)
  4. Second roof (04.14)
  5. On W.T. (05.28)
  6. Turn 14 (11.00)
First four tracks recorded in December 1966 in Munich; other tracks recorded in September 1967 in Godorf.

Front cover design (part reproduced above) by Manfred Kussatz.

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