FMP 0990 Two making a triangle

Peter Kowald/Maarten Altena

Peter Kowald, bass; Maarten Altena, bass, cello.

a+b -> c (06.36), a -> c (03.48), b -> c (03.39), (a+b)2 -> c (04.11), c -> a+b (10.31), c -> (a+b)2 (04.14), c2 -> (a+b)2 (03.34) .

Recorded live during the Workshop Freie Musik, on 19/20 March 1982 at the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Kowald; cover photograph by Dagmar Gebers.

Tracks from this LP were re-issued on CD in December 1999 as Bass duets.

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