FMP 1200 Heavy metal - light industry

European Tuba Quartet

Larry Fishkind, BBb tuba; Melvyn Poore, EEb tuba; Benoit Veridaz, EEb tuba; Pinguin Moschner, F tuba.

Five short pieces (02.44), Jerkle cirque (06.56), Brass tax (03.45), Golden gate (06.12), Blue wail (07.42), Running around (04.09), Silver shadows (06.46), On chor (02.31).

'This music was created spontaneously in two concerts on the evenings of 26th and 27th September 1987 at FMP Studios, Berlin.'

Photograph (reproduced above) by Dagmar Gebers; cover design by Manfred Kussatz.

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