FMP Im Rückblick - In Retrospect

Various musicians

A limited edition (1,000 boxes) box set comprising 12 CDs with a 220-page booklet

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CD 1: Globe Unity Orchestra & guests: Baden-Baden '75CD 7: Fred Van Hove: Piano solo 1981/86
CD 2: Steve Lacy solo & quintet: In Berlin 1975/77CD 8: Peter Brötzmann Die Like a Dog: Close up 1994
CD 3: Schweizer/Carl/Moholo: Messer und... 1975/77CD 9: Manfred Schulze Bläser Quintett: Choral-Konzert 1998
CD 4: Schlippenbach Quartet: At Quartier Latin 1975/77CD 10: Manuela +: Live in Berlin 1999
CD 5: Peter Brötzmann: Wolke in hosen 1976CD 11: Peter Kowald: Was da ist (live) 2000
CD 6: Malfatti/Wittwer: Und? 1977CD 12: Tristan Honsinger/Ofaff Rupp: Stretto 2010

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