FMP SAJ-38 Sweet and s’ours

Maggie Nicols/Julie Tippetts

Maggie Nicols, voice, recorder, bongos, pipe, vacuum cleaner tubes; Julie Tippetts, voice, recorder, bottle, cymbal bells, bongos, concertina, vacuum cleaner tubes.

  1. Rabbiting (03.26)
  2. Ooh - me poor feet (05.40)
  3. Wind forrest (05.53)
  4. Moon fire (05.32)
  5. Riverside (01.15)
  6. What's this? (09.51)
  7. Whailing (08.53)
Recorded at Riverside Studios, London in June 1978.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Anita Corbin; design by Julie Tippetts.

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